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Cannot be put asunder

To the Editor:

Mr. Rod Driver asks, in his letter dated April 2, “why is same-sex marriage so bad?” and he references the Old Testament record of Solomon’s 700 wives as if to say, if it be good for Solomon, why not for all of us?

Does he not know that the Creator of this world has been revealed in the New Testament and that the Old is passed away? Has he not understood that marriage is between one man and one woman that cannot be put asunder and that even the Mosaic allowance for divorce has been revoked?

Erik Throp


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Erik you are right, The bible does say that. . . So what? We are not having a theological debate, this is a legal issue. Our laws are not nor should they be founded on MYTHOLOGY. As I said before we have seen what happens when one group wants to use the civil system to have their doctrine written in to civil law thus forcing all people to obey their religious doctrine, even those who are not part of their faith community. We get groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Asking us to base civil law on your doctrine. Is no different than Muslims asking us to base our laws on the Koran


You and others in your faith community want to govern yourselves based on the bible or any other holy book please do, but when it comes to writing civil law your folklore has no place in the process.

New testament, old testament, who cares? Civil marriage is what this debate is about. Why do people insist on dragging religious beliefs into it? Are you really that ignorant to the fact that atheists or people of any other religious stripe are allowed to get married in the eyes of the law, if they are straight? Why is religion suddenly invoked when gay couples want a civil marriage?

Well said Dave64

Well said Dave64

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