A railroad job?


To the Editor:

I have to comment on the railroad job the long-range committee has made against the taxpayers and students of Warwick Vets.

I believe the committee is nothing more than a smoke screen for a decision that was made in this administration purely as a money grab. I have to ask what will become of the millions saved by this cutthroat move? Will our property tax go down? Will the teacher unions get more money? Will the top-heavy administration get raises? Who answers these questions?

I am sure the meetings coming up will be a waste of time, as I am also sure the decision has already been chiseled in stone. I say make the School Committee report its line items to the City Council and let them pull the curtain aside. I am sure once we, the taxpayers, find out where all our money goes; we will have plenty of money to give the students a safe and permanent school.

The city needs the three high schools, not only for education but for morale, too. As of this date, I have not heard a good reason to close Vets. I don’t trust the “bean counters.” We are humans, not numbers. I am sure if the School Committee was told to work it out, they would.

Bruce Balemian



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I agree with Mr. Balemian. Trust no one, including those with no axe to grind who served on the long range planning committee. But DO trust the city council as they represent responsible stewards of our tax dollars. Keep all three high schools open because, well, because we've had three high schools for 42 years and we Rhode Islanders can't really deal with change; just look at our voting pattern. In short, do nothing. Yeah, that should work. Let's give our students that "...safe and permanent school" (whatever that means).

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bruce...morale? Schools are a business and as a taxpayer, I'm sick of carrying these excesess for morale or sentiment. Education is the most expensive part of any municipal budget. The teachers are paid very well and have great pensions. We have to start cutting. You cannot run your finances on emotion. Close the damned schools yesterday.

Thursday, December 5, 2013