Aiding and abetting those who hate us


To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, in broad daylight, two bombs were detonated by two mad dogs at the Boston Marathon. I apologize to the canine species, as even they could never be as vicious and evil as these two animals. These two animals killed and maimed other human beings who were simply trying to enjoy one of their freedoms: the freedom to not be attacked, in their own country, by two cowards. These two masterminds then began a spree of violence that eventually brought a city to its knees. It took an army of law enforcement officials to destroy one of these mad dogs and put a leash on the other.

Since that day, we have had the misfortune to have to listen to the mother, and I use that term loosely, and father of these two menaces to society. The mother and father that spawned these two creatures claim they are innocent. So now we see where these two received their intellectual capacities.

But in the midst of all this emotional mayhem, there seems to be something missing. This past weekend our illustrious media reported that someone left a backpack on a Muslim’s lawn. The note on the backpack read “U.S. Bomb.” This has now been reported as a hate crime. A what? Aren’t all crimes perpetrated against society filled with a certain amount of hate? Or are only crimes or alleged crimes that are perpetrated against those who need to be protected by our magnanimous government in Washington truly hate crimes? Those who have never performed an act of kindness or charity to aid our nation, or who would not defend it, even if their own pathetic lives depended on their defending it.

These seem to be the ones that our sanctimonious president seems prepared to defend. Was not the exploding of two bombs during an event of happiness, ripping off the limbs of women and children, a crime of hate? Are we to believe that these two mad dogs did not have hate in their heart? What have we become when we see our own countrymen mangled by these types of animals and console ourselves with the capture of one, one who has not even been charged with an alleged hate crime? Have we all lost our minds? It is time we wake up and realize that we, the people who have fought for our nation and sacrificed for our nation, are the ones who are having crimes of hate perpetrated against us. And the miserable excuses that we call our leaders are the ones who are aiding and abetting the ones who hate us. Laugh at me all you want folks, but those poor folks in Boston aren’t laughing today are they? 

John Cervone

North Providence


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Please,the acts in Boston were acts of terror. "Hate" crimes are acts of violence because of a particular hatred for someone's racial,ethnic,religious,or life style. Throughout our history violence has been perpetrated against blacks,Catholics,Irish,Jews,Italians,gays,and on and on. It is absurd to suggest that our President is somehow "defending" them. The ones involved in the terror acts will be prosecuted,as many alreadt have,and will be justly punished for their acts.

Friday, May 10, 2013