60s and Sexy: And so it goes...


It’s a new time and we all need to adjust. Who knew there would be things like social distancing and just generally being afraid of going out in public.

As I sit here and try to adapt, I’ve realized some things. I didn’t realize how much I like talking to my neighbors. A simple hello has turned into something foreign. I think about how long this can continue.

I’m not a person that gives into fear but bring 63 gives me some concern. Should I be worried about this? I’ve decided to take some simple precautions and ride this thing out. I’m not going out and exposing myself to people. Being Italian, I have lots of food, so I’m not worried about starving. So as I sit here, watching the news, I try to not get upset. I’m looking forward to the spring and summer and know that this too shall pass. 

So enjoy the loved ones that you are with and enjoy life. I’ve also decided that this is a get out of jail free time to eat whatever you like. All bets are off! I‘m walking every morning and know that one day soon, we can co-exist as we used to. Take care and we will talk about this as we have about the “Blizzard of ‘78” and other things that mark our life.


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