As I look in the mirror


The Pilgrim Senior Center offers many diversified classes. A new class that was offered in October was a creative writing class. The themes for each class varied. One of the topics was to look in a mirror and what do you see, making sure to include the background. The following is an example of this written by Jane Williams, entitled, “As I Look In the Mirror.”
I looked in the mirror at my reflection, which was flushed with the excitement of the evening. It was a refuge from the noise and boring speeches. My surroundings were visible from the many mirrors that surrounded the room above the shiny white counters. In a corner stood dressed in a stiff black dress with a frilly white apron. She was folding snowy white towels and placing them in a woven basket.
As I glazed into the mirror the door opened ushering in many young women clad in sequin gowns that glittered in the bright lights. Talking, laughing, and looking into the mirrors, such energy. The swish of fragrances that filled the air from the many shaped colorful vials on the counter.
As I began to repair my makeup, I noticed a visible gray hair, the wrinkles on my face seemed deeper, were they there because of worry or aging or because the lights were bright and harsh and cast many shadows. My face still flushed with excitement but hoping I could capture some of the energy of the young ladies.
In the corner was a chaise lounge covered in royal blue velvet and on it sat a young girl resting her curly head on the arm. I wanted to sit there. My feet were aching and tired from dancing. That couch was beckoning me like a glass of ice tea on a hot summer day in a flurry of laughter and chatter the ladies went to the chaise lounge, I turned to the mirror knowing that I had no chance of sitting. Again, as I looked in the mirror, I visualized myself like them with endless energy.
The mirror became hazy and as I looked into it, I was alarmed at the deep etched lines, and many gray hairs. I panicked and wanted to go to the nearest drug store, where there are lotions that make wrinkles disappear and dyes to take away the gray.
 As I became calm and my fears faded, I realized that each wrinkle and each gray hair was a milestone. They were produced by many wonderful moments and some very sad ones, but that’s life.


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Tuesday, November 26, 2019