Banner against proposal


Coren Ellis lives on Stillwater Drive and decided to put this sign on her back deck to send a message to her neighbor, Elementary Education Director Robert Bushell, about her feelings on the recommendation to re-purpose Warwick Vets High School as a junior high. β€œIt really was a message to him,” said Ellis, whose daughter is a sophomore at Vets. Ellis is also drafting a letter to the School Committee urging them to vote against the recommendation. β€œI think it lacks substance, is short-sighted and vague,” said Ellis, adding that the plan does not appropriately cite the impact on students, the access they will have to items such as libraries and science labs or what the School Department plans to do with the money they save.


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I agree with Ms. Ellis, but she doesn't go nearly far enough. I propose keeping all existing high schools open, and adding three more. Figure one in Potowamet to alleviate that unconscionable six mile drive to Tollgate; one in Conimicut to avoid the West Shore Rd. morning traffic; and one in the middle of Appanoug to avoid the horror of pending traffic circles. Under my plan, no one would have to drive more than three miles to get to school, and student-teacher ratios would be about 6:1, (note: no more excuses for those awkwardly low test scores). You tell 'em, Ms. Ellis. Much better to do nothing and watch the city continue to implode.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013