Brock’s Collision Center & Auto Repair Thank you for your continued support


In the words of Mike Thoin, co-owner of Brock’s Collision Center & Auto Repair:

“My oldest son is going to kindergarten this fall. He’s going to need new clothes; he’s grown out of his shirts every year. Soon he’ll need a backpack and new shoes too. Pens, pencils, toys for his birthday this summer and more toys for Christmas this winter. Food every morning, afternoon, and night. A new bed in the next five years, for sure.

I’m lucky that I get to do something I love and something that I’m confidently skilled at. I’ve loved cars since I was my son’s age; it’s all I know, and it’s what I do best. And I’d like to say that it’s that passion that buys the clothes, the shoes, and the toys, but it’s not. Ultimately, what allows me to provide for my family is the loyalty of our customers and their kindness. We seldom advertise for our business because our customers are so frequently talking about the work we do and how well we do it. Thank you all for helping us grow over the years, and for continuing to help us grow every day.

But your loyalty goes a lot further than buying a new set of Paw Patrol sneakers for my son, or the vegetables I beg him to eat. Our industry is constantly advancing and coming out with new safety features and technology. By having such a large base of loyal customers, we are able to keep up with the industry by buying new Laser-Guided Frame Measuring tools, diagnostic Body and Collision Module Scanners, and more. Your loyalty helps us prepare ourselves to fix the car you’re going to buy ten years from now, too.

We pride ourselves in being direct with our customers. You aren’t handing your keys to a service manager or secretary. We’re the ones turning the bolts and spraying the paint. We’re the ones calling the insurance companies, ordering the parts, paying the bills and drawing up the invoices. Avery and I work to make sure you are educated throughout this process, that you know what’s happening to your car, how it’s going to happen, and that your repair will be to a standard like no other.

A car accident is a traumatic and unfortunate experience. But we’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you. From mine and Avery’s family to yours, thank you for your continued faith and trust in our work and our dedication to you. We promise to never let you down, and to always be ready for you if you need us.”

Brock’s Collision Center & Auto Repair is located at 3066 Post Road in the Apponaug section of the city. To see examples of their work, follow them on Facebook® or on their constantly updated and informative website at Call or TEXT Avery Broccoli at 738-3440 or email him at


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