Police Log - Door smashed with rock



Officer Matthew Higgins and John Zaborski were dispatched to the Hilton Garden on Thurber Street on July 2 around 9:13 p.m. for a report of suspicious activity in the parking lot. At the scene the officers checked the area for a suspect vehicle that had been mentioned by dispatch, but the search proved negative.

The officers then spoke with a hotel security guard who stated that they had another incident inside the hotel involving a male subject whom they were trying to remove from the property. The guard stated that the incident started at the Iron Works Tavern where management had advised the hotel staff of the man’s behavior.

According to the report, an Iron Works manager then told the officer that a male suspect came back into the bar after an earlier incident where he was refused service and asked to leave. The earlier incident consisted of the subject making other customers uneasy and made comments about “blowing this place up.” He was again asked to leave, and the subject then called the manager a “fat pig” multiple times. The man was also described as being extremely belligerent.

While speaking with the manager, the male suspect, identified as William Reagan, 61, of 9570 Setina Lane in Sacramento, CA, stepped off an elevator and walked by the officer’s location. He was asked to stop and replied, “Are you [expletive] kidding me?”

Officer Zaborski then spoke with Reagan who continued to be belligerent. He continued to curse with a threatening and confrontational tone. He was asked numerous times to lower his voice and stop using vulgar language, but his behavior continued.

Reagan was then placed in handcuffs and an attempt was made to escort him out of the hotel. During the process, he said to Officer Higgins “Why am I in handcuffs? Because I didn’t kiss your ass enough?” Later he said “Am I’m in handcuffs because I didn’t suck your [body part]?” while in the presence of what appeared to be a mother and young boy sitting in the lobby.

Reagan continued in this manner outside of the hotel, according to the officer’s report, stating that the police should take out their nightstick and beat him up. Sergeant Nelson then arrived on scene and was advised of the situation. While he was speaking with witnesses, Reagan began to claim he was having a panic attack and could not breathe. He refused rescue assistance.

A short time later he again indicated he was having a panic attack, stating that he felt bad and that he “was going to start shaking.” Rescue was then called to the scene, and when they arrived Reagan demanded transport to the hospital. Officers followed him to Kent Hospital, where it was determined he’d be arrested for disorderly conduct. At the time of the report, Reagan refused to sign any paperwork and was to be transported to police headquarters where he would be brought to court the following morning.


On July 8 at approximately 7:15 p.m., Officers Tyler Stone and Sokphannareth Chea were dispatched to the Warwick Mall to assist Lieutenant Thomas Snow with a fraud complaint.

At the scene the officers met with the Lieutenant who relayed that he had Christopher Tamelleo, 46, if 29 Tween Street in Cranston, detained for a fraud complaint. According to the report, Tamelleo had gone to the Dunkin’ Donuts in the food court and ordered an iced coffee, which cost approximately $2. He paid with a $20 bill, and when he received the change he pocketed a $10 bill, then told the employee that they had not given him the correct amount of change. He then left on foot with $9 more than he should have received before being detained.

Tamelleo provided Lieutenant Snow with a written statement attesting to the fact that he did take money from the restaurant under false pretenses. He was then placed under arrest and the $9 was returned to the store and later transported to police headquarters. Tamelleo was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses.


Officer Daniel O’Connell was dispatched to Putnam Street on July 8 at approximately 1:10 p.m. for a larceny from a vehicle report. Upon arrival he met with a complainant who stated she left her vehicle unlocked in her driveway on July 7 around 2 p.m. When she returned to it the next day she discovered the vehicle had been entered, rummaged through, and a $20 bill had been stolen from her glove box.

While speaking with the reporting party, a second party approached from across the street who stated he too had left his vehicle in his driveway overnight and that his car had been rummaged through but no items had been taken. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


While on patrol on July 4 at approximately 6:09 p.m. on July 4, Officer Derek Mourato observed a vehicle traveling south on Bald Hill Road with a driver who was not wearing his seatbelt. A traffic stop was then initiated in the area of Bald Hill and Toll Gate Roads.

There the officer met with the driver, identified as Onix Eduardo, 20, of 248 New York Avenue, Apt. 3 in Providence, who advised that his license had been suspended. Background checks confirmed the suspension and that this would be Eduardo’s third offense.

Eduardo was issued a summons for driving with a suspended license and for not wearing a seat belt. At the completion of the stop Eduardo’s friend, who had an active license, responded and drove the vehicle from the scene.


On July 3 around 10 a.m., Officer Brian Murray was dispatched to Specialized Orthopedics on Centerville Road for a report of vandalism to the front door of the business. Once on scene the officer observed that the front glass door had been broken, and that there was a rock on the ground next to the door.

A mail carrier had contacted the police about the incident, and no one was at the business at the time as it was closed.

On July 4 at approximately 10:30, Officer Rose Michel was dispatched to the same location. Prior to her arrival at the business, she was advised that a report had been filed regarding the incident. On scene she took a report from an employee, who stated that he has left the building on June 30 around 4:30 at which time the window was undamaged. He estimated the value of the glass to be $300. There are currently no suspects.


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