Cushman authored letter


To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read the disparaging letter against our former mayor and was surprised it was allowed to appear in the Beacon without a signature. The people of Warwick deserve to know who wrote such critical statements about Scott Avedisian, who I believe served Warwick honorably.

Perhaps the Beacon can assemble an investigative team to report on the issues that were raised and give the people the true story. I'm sure many residents would be interested to know more about the allocation of funds and what role the City Council has played in all of this.

Mary Preziosi


Editor’s note: Former councilman and member of the school committee Robert Cushman authored the letter appearing in the May 31 edition. Cushman did not request anonymity, nor does the paper publish letters without identification. However, in production the name was dropped inadvertently.


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Dear Mary,

It is unfortunate that you have not been active in your community's financial and budgetary processes . If you had been, you would understand that the former mayor has greatly jeopardized our community and its fiscal soundness. There is much more to responsibility other than being responsible to a party or a person. The responsibility is to the community, its fiscal soundness, its stability in the future, and the ability to make sound decisions for the tax payer. Avedisian made sound decisions for Avedisian.

I would invite you to look for yourself at the budget documents as they are all available on line. Do you think that it is reasonable that in 2 years the city budget grew by 18 million dollars? Is it reasonable that virtually every line item for services to the taxpayer have been cut while salaries, benefits, and pensions continue to skyrocket?

Have you looked at the data to see what the unfunded liabilities are in this city? I would expect not, because if you had, you would not be making the statement that you made in your letter. Are you happy with your property taxes and your auto taxes. Please don't give the example that "our taxes are lower than Providence" as I don't believe in justifying poor behavior by citing examples of worse behavior. But that's just me.

Keep your eye on the news.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018