Don't cut Warwick's sports program


To the Editor:

Tuesday, June 18, was the day they cut the athletic programs and after school activities in the City of Warwick, just so they can balance their budget. What a shame. No one ever thought this day would come.

After school programs such as sports and music are an essential, vital part of a student’s education. It gives them a purpose to stay in school and participate in after school programs. It teaches students discipline and patience. To cut these programs is unacceptable and the children in our school system will suffer greatly.

I understand that cuts have to be made to balance the budget. But there must be a way to balance the budget without affecting the children’s after school programs. It would be a shame if the Warwick city officials couldn’t come up with a solution to save these programs.

Robert Shorr



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the buck can only be passed so many times. now comes the time when the highlife of teachers and city employees comes to an end

Tuesday, July 2
Patient Man

Can teams pay for their own seasons?

Can coaches volunteer?

My hometown went through this 25 years ago. The teams raised $90,000 to cover the Fall sports. The teachers & the town came to terms & the money was returned. Not that I think that situation was anywhere near as bad as Warwicks.

Tuesday, July 2