Favors Maloney & Testa


To the Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to address my fellow citizens of city of Warwick regarding this upcoming School Committee election. After having served on the committee for four years, I have come to appreciate the dedication, integrity and selflessness it takes to hold public office. In my opinion, there are two highly qualified individuals that every concerned parent and taxpayer should give special note. These are Mr. Patrick Maloney and Mr. David Testa.
I have had the privilege of serving with Mr. Maloney on the School Committee for two years. I have always found him to be honest, hardworking and dedicated to making sound decisions that would, in his opinion, be in the best interest of the Warwick School Department generally, but specifically in the best interest of the students. He has championed cost-cutting measures that honor his responsibility to the taxpayers, yet he has the ability to keep a watchful eye on providing the tools necessary to enable our kids to achieve their very best.
I have not had the pleasure of working with Mr. Testa directly, but he has always been a highly visible member of the parent community. He routinely has attended numerous committee meetings and was an integral member of the recent school consolidation team that was researching possible secondary education reorganization. He appears to possess a keen sense of the key aspects of quality education that any parent would want for their children. I feel that the addition of Mr. Testa to the School Committee would add a clear-headed, even-handed contribution to any discussion. As with Mr. Maloney, Mr. Testa has children attending Warwick schools and would, therefore, be an approachable advocate for all of the students.
I am fully aware that there are two other qualified candidates running for the School Committee. I applaud their efforts and, as a citizen of the city, want to thank them for taking on this burdensome task. However, I am confident that once the voters take a long, hard look at the qualities and qualifications that Mr. Testa and Mr. Maloney bring to this difficult job, the choice will become clear.

Paul J. Cannistra
Former School Committee Member


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Thank you Paul. It is my understanding that this was sent in early for release in the Thursday Beacon. I was surprised to see it did not run in the issue but was printed in the Election day issue. Thank you Beacon for your unbiased presentation of all the information in a timely manner. Thanks again Paul.

Thursday, November 8, 2012