Fireworks cause undue stress on pets


To the Editor:

I must say, that for the life of me, I cannot understand the reasoning of our state legislature to allow the sale and use of fireworks.

We passed a law that banned the sale and use of fireworks for many years due to the injuries that occurred when used by people with no knowledge on how to safely handle these explosive devices. Now, apparently this is not as important as the sale and taxes collected by the state. I have to be exposed to these noise explosives, which disturb my life as well as my animals. I am sure that a responsible animal owner would be more than happy to tell state legislators the problems they have created. Dogs bark, run away, try to hide and will shake and need medication to try and calm them down. Has anyone that passed this law ever seen a truly frightened animal? I doubt it, as they would never have passed this crazy law. It is not only on July 4 that I am talking about, but the fireworks that start in May and don’t end till after New Year’s. I can see fireworks on July 4 for 24 hours (say July 3 to July 4). There are more than enough free displays that we don’t need it in our neighborhoods. I can’t even leave my windows open at night, as there are fireworks going off till after 1 a.m., so I have to shut my windows and run fans or air conditioning. Is this fair to us?

I have rights too, as do my neighbors and our pets. This law needs to be looked at and changed and violators fined if they do not comply.

Pat Loring


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The injury stats just aren't there. Since the law was passed there have been very few firework injuries. You will not see the law changed because it is a nice tax revenue for the state. Why would they want to give that up?? In addition, we have way too many laws now. The last thing we need to do is make something else illegal. Many states such as New Hampshire have a lot less restrictions and laws, and the state is a model for most of the nation. We need less laws restricting our freedoms, not more !!!! I haven't heard a lot of fire works this year. Around New Years, and around the week of the 4th, and Memorial day they are going off. But, other than that they certainly aren't a year round problem !!! First of all fire works aren't cheap. Who has the money to blow on a lot of fireworks. I bought a $20.00 pack at Walmart for the 3rd and the 4th and my kids and I had fun lighting them. They weren't the illegal rocket type, but the ground type. As far as your pets. If you have a basement, it is a cool and quiet place for them until the show is over.

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