Giving away money is easy, raising it is another matter


To the Editor:

I read with great interest Mr. Danny Hall’s Jan. 17 letter to the editor (“Another Grinch?”), regarding my comments at a Jan. 9 City Council finance committee hearing – comments made in a response to a resolution put forth by Councilwoman Vella-Wilkinson regarding veterans.
I am writing to respond to the points of that debate, but first, let me respond to Mr. Hall. If I were Mr. Hall, someone who represents the Warwick Republican Party, he being Warwick Republican Chair, I would first get my facts straight. Secondly, if I were going to spin the debate that took place, as Mr. Hall did, I would at least comment on the stated goal of the overall discussion so readers could at least determine the merits of the points in question. Since he failed to do that, let me try.
My heart will always be with those that place themselves in harm’s way. My uncle was on Bataan, went through that 60-mile hell march, and was a POW in Tokyo until 1945 – is skull smashed in the process. My father served on Okinawa and Saipan during that same war and my cousin was presented with a Purple Heart because of wounds suffered in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. I don’t need you, Mr. Hall, trying to spin what was said or the context of the discussion when it comes to veterans. I have personally seen the consequences of wounds and service in combat zones.
First off, this debate had nothing to do with, as you stated, Mr. Hall, a pool pass for disabled veterans. That discussion took place at a prior meeting where no member of the public objected. What was brought up by members of the council at that time was that they would like to see an estimate of the financial impact of such a pool pass. As far as I know, that is where the issue currently stands.
At the next council meeting, the one you, Mr. Hall, apparently refer to, another proposal was brought forth to provide an additional group of veterans with a tax exemption. This exemption would be similar to that presently provided by Warwick to veterans but would enlarge the pool of those eligible. That resolution was put forth by Councilwoman Vella-Wilkinson, the same person who put forth the pool pass resolution.
The bottom line of my comments regarding the tax exempt resolution was that as a taxpayer, I would like to see any proposed tax exemptions, be it for veterans or any other worthy cause, be offset by cuts to expenses. As I stated at that meeting, it is very easy to give taxpayer money away, but the hard decisions, the real work, comes from where to find that money. The easy road has always been to tax, tax and tax.
My challenge at that council meeting was for, in this case, Councilwoman Vella-Wilkinson to tell us what expenses she would cut in our city budget in order to finance this tax exemption. In fact, I stated that maybe the council should consider requiring those members who initiate this type of resolution where tax dollars are involved be required to tell us how it is going to be paid for. I would think that finding money to finance that veteran exemption or any other exemption would be very easy in a $170 million budget. However, when the residents of Warwick were hit with both a property tax and a car tax increase in this last budget session it became obvious that only a few council members were interested in trying to hold the tax line.
As for being a “Grinch,” my line of thought just comes from being an Aauditor and a CPA. As for “Feel Good”, there is not anyone in this community who would not feel better if they had the resources to give money away or to provide assistance to others. It is up to those elected to walk that line of what is for the common good. My actions were based on the common good.
To our veteran, thank you for your service.

Roy Dempsey
Ward 1


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Here- Here Roy!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well said My Dempsey.

Mr Danny Hall should step down or be removed for all the slander and vile he is spewing.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keep up the good work Danny, They all seem to have the attitude of " How dare you question me". As for being a Grinch, I would agree. The cant be any real cost to allowing vetrans to use the pool at a reduced cost.

Mr. Dempsy states at the end of his rant, "Thank you Veterans", I guess that only applies if it doesnt cost him one cent. Perhaps he could propose that they purchase their own bullets. Maybe the could get together and raise the money for a APC. ( Incase you are as dry as you sound that was sarcasm)

A pool pass...... Lets see, will the lights be on longer? NO. Will there be more pool water used? NO. would you hire more staff? NO. would you use more pool chemicals? NO. So i guess the big cost would be the water they use if they shower after swimming.

The cost of a pool pass is your main concern? Really? Our veterans were ready to pay for our security with their lives and your worried about a pool pass.

What's wrong with you? Yes you are a Grinch..... and out of touch. By the tenor of you letter i would guiess a bit of a narcissus.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear jsimpson, Has nothing to do with a "Pool Pass". Take the time and read my response to Danny Hall. In fact, he was NOT at the council meeting when the pool pass issue was on the agenda. And, as I stated, there was NO public comment regarding that issue. That is why, I was steaming when I saw his latter. It was totally out of context.


Roy Dempsey

| Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr Dempsey you have always been there for the people of Warwick and watching out for their best interest and to see someone of the likes like Danny Hall"Who" is a puppet on a string that the Mayor has doing his dirty work try to discredit you is a shame. Danny you should at lease try to get your facts straight and why don't you try to help the people of Warwick out like Mr Dempsey does instead of putting the good citizens of Warwick down. You, the Mayor and most of the Council members need to look fo other work and fast

Monday, February 6, 2012

I have to laugh when someone has to tell Danny Hall to keep up the good work what has he done but call someone A Grinch I wonder if jsimpson was at the meeting when all this was going on or is ths just another follower of Danny Hall's "who is Danny Hall anyways only someone who thinks he is something but who does nothing for the citizens of warwick

Monday, February 6, 2012