How can we let this happen?


To the Editor:

State treasurer Gina Raimondo’s well thought-out and instructive article, “Improving the economy, one person at a time” (Beacon 11/27/12), stressed the value and importance of teaching the Understanding of Personal Finance. This was directed, especially, to our high school students and families. It is an idea whose time is long overdue and should become a must course in our schools, with its corresponding benefits in mathematics. Fortunately, we have one such qualified teacher in our three high schools, at the present time.
However, there is another matter that the students have little knowledge of and will be of great concern and importance to them going forward. Call it the “elephant in the country.”
It is the disgraceful total of funded and unfunded debt that staggers the imagination and which our talented graduating students will be detrimentally involved, unless vital and corrective action is quickly undertaken. Sadly, a doubtful premise.
Warwick’s $800 million-plus, Rhode Island’s $14 billion and the United States’ $16 trillion-plus are all growing at an unsustainable rate. It is my opinion, that in another five years, our gifted Democracy will be adversely changed, as never before.
Accordingly, I posed two questions to guest speaker Gina Raimondo at the well-attended Beulieu Agency breakfast meeting (Radisson, 11/15/12): 1. What are we doing to our beautiful children, grandchildren and students whose futures are being mortgaged? 2. How in the name of love can we let this happen to them?

Eugene A. Nadeau
Warwick School Committeeman
District 1


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Politicians will gladly sell our childrens future down the river for votes today. The selling of elections in the 70's 80's and 90's is why we are in this situation today. And if we don't reign in spending its going to continue. But by all means keep voting democratic!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raimondo's true motive is to get private contracts to perform the "Understanding of Personal Finance". The need for knowledge in that area is great. Let's see if any financial advisors would volunteer to teach a variety of seminars..She has a huge war chest,mostly raised from the financial community. Payback is expected,and on the way.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012