‘Impeach Obama’ stand fans emotions


The LaRouche PAC “Impeach Obama” movement received mixed reviews Tuesday from offended drivers with their long honks, along with some thumbs-up and cheers.

Motorists on Airport Road or Warwick Avenue could see and hear the combination of explicit language both favoring and disapproving of the drive to impeach the president.

Regardless of the feedback that organizers Kevin Pearl of Baltimore, and Ryan McCusker of Cranston, heard, they continued to smile and wave to cars.

“There are non-supporters, but it’s fewer than I can count in one hand,” said McCusker (ironically, as a driver flipped him off).

Pearl and McCusker said they were practicing their First Amendment rights. Pearl said the group is taking political action to “end the wars and end the bailouts.”

After five hours, the two had 35 to 40 signups and had accepted several donations, which Pearl said was on the higher end for their average. He wasn’t certain of the number of members in Rhode Island but said they have huge support in the region. Pearl has been with LaRouche for 20 years now.

(Lyndon LaRouche, who is widely considered a political crank but, according to the conservative American Heritage Foundation, “leads one of the strangest political groups in American history.”) He has a following described as cult-like in its loyalty, in spite of a conviction for fraud that got him five years in a federal prison in Minnesota in 1989, according to the post.

While both were talking to people in cars on the Dave’s Marketplace parking lot, a market employee walked out and reprimanded Pearl and McCusker for standing on their property.

“It’s my property and I don’t want you here,” he said. “Go on the sidewalk, that’s where you belong.”

Behind the Dave’s employee, a LaRouche supporter was shaking her head.

Police had already responded in the morning to a complaint that someone tore off signs including pictures of President Obama with a Hitler-like moustache.

Drivers continued to shout, “Get a real job,” or, “You’re wasting your time.” When the traffic light was red, the insults lasted longer. Pearl said it is necessary to maintain humor or else he’d go crazy.

“He just put a Nazi party in place in Ukraine that killed hundreds of people,” said Pearl. “We just want our constitution back.”

Pearl said that the organization never defended the Bush Administration for similar allegations that they are calling on Obama.

He described LaRouche as a nonpartisan political, nationwide group that is involved with citizens who fight to change policies based out of Virginia. The movement’s representatives travel to expand their memberships and gain donations from supporters around the country. After signing up for LaRouche, they mobilize and inform members via email about web casts and organize carpools to Washington, D.C. Pearl said they are “building a political machine” with members in the hundreds of thousands but only cited the group’s headquarters as a source of information.

The group plans to host a meeting at the Warwick Public Library on Aug. 4 at 6:30 p.m.


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"the group is taking political action to “end the wars and end the bailouts.”" So Obama should be impeached because he of the wars that Bush and his oil-cronies started and the bailouts that are no longer happening and that were necessary to not decimate our economy? These guys really do need to "Get a real job."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

If the Democrats in Rhode Island are so great why is there so much unemployment in Rhode Island? The fact it is that both parties have failed in the past three decades. I would argue that the best people are breaking with the parties and organizing for policies that work. The fact is is that the LaRouchePAC has great ideas they want the peaceful use of nuclear energy, water projects, a space program they want the US to get out of the wars in the middle east and in Ukraine. I think this makes sense. I don't know why people still defend Obama he is the worst President we ever had. And you can't just keep blaming Bush for everything, I mean why did we ever lower our standards so low.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I passed them yesterday and alomst turned around to give them a piece of my mind. To put a Hitler moustache on a Obama portrait is ignorant and offensive. To compare Obama - like him or not - to a man who is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of jews and other undesirables, is outrageous. Then I realized that these people are nothing more than Westboro Baptist Church attention seeking copy cats who thrive and feed off of people noticing and responding to them. I encourage everyone reading this article to do what I did - IGNORE THEM - and they will eventually return to the hole they slithered out of.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

what wars did Obama create ?

If you really know what you are talking about, Obama did not create any war, he was left two by Republicans. To finish their mess

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ok. Impeach , Why on what grounds?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

he should have been impeached a long time ago

also instead of sending troops over seas defending

rag heads they should be on our borders

taking out the domestic terrorists trying to come into

this country

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rag Heads? Really? #Ignorance

Sunday, July 20, 2014