In support of Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn


To the Editor:

It is with great pride on Election Day that I write this letter in support of the candidacy of Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn for a seat on the Warwick School Committee. There are three other worthy candidates who are vying for a seat today on the Warwick School Committee as well. However, I believe Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn possesses certain leadership qualities and experience that set her apart from the other three candidates.
First and foremost, Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn is a homemaker who has devoted her life and sacrificed her career in order to help raise her two children with her husband in Warwick. Her devotion to her children includes the countless number of hours; days and weeks she has spent volunteering in so many capacities at her children’s (and my children’s) elementary school for the past seven years. While volunteering at our elementary school, she has not only been a vocal advocate for improvements in her children’s' educational experience, but more importantly, she has often made it a point to seek out members of the school administration in Warwick to ensure it is doing everything that it has been empowered to do to guarantee that the federal, state and local mandates are being met at our school. Having my three children attend the same school for the past seven years, I have had many opportunities to witness Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn do what no one else has had the courage to do; challenge the status quo.
As a direct result of Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn's perceived unpopular but necessary efforts when dealing with the school administration in Warwick, I have observed firsthand the improvement in the quality of not only my children’s educational experience, but the educational experience of all of the students at our elementary school.
If you are interested in voting for a Warwick School Committee candidate who has been a lifelong resident of Warwick, has personally received a public school education from the Warwick School System (Townsend-Ahearn is a 1989 graduate of Warwick Veterans Memorial High School), who has a vested interest in improving the quality of education for all students who receive a public education from the Warwick School System, and a candidate who has already proven that she is not afraid to advocate for what she knows is in the best interest of the students in Warwick, then Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn is worthy of your vote.

Paul J. Ferns, Esq.
Warwick Veterans Memorial High School
Class of 1988


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"I have observed firsthand the improvement in the quality of not only my children’s educational experience, but the educational experience of all of the students at our elementary school.". Jennifer brought problems to my attention at the Parent Communication Advisory Committee meetings, I fixed the problems.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Paul, apparently she lived on the west coast. A lawyer that lies. I'm shocked!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mr. Maloney, it was your job on the Parent Communication Advisory Committee to address the issues presented to you while serving on the committee. But it was Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn who brought those issues to your attention now wasn't it? She sought out the correct channel to remedy the problems didn't she? That was my entire point to my letter to the editor. I am dumbfounded as to why you would take issue with that one sentence of my letter other than the fact that you want post-election loss credit for your prior efforts. Fine. Your prior efforts are hereby acknowledged. Thank you.

"Patientman", you accusing me of a being "a lawyer that lies", I first have to say, I would strongly caution you from casting any further false aspersions about my professional livelihood. I am not a public figure. You may want to become familiar with the "libel" laws in RI.

But, for your edification and in my defense of your false accusation, please be advised that Jennifer Townsend-Ahearn is in fact a 1989 graduate of Warwick Veterans Memorial High School; I am in fact a 1988 graduate of Warwick Veterans; Jennifer and I had mutual friends at Warwick Veterans (who are still our mutual friends to this day) and in addition, we had other mutual friends during education at URI where we all often socialized together.

It wasn't until she married her Husband in 1996 that she relocated to the West Coast for a very brief time and returned to RI shortly thereafter to raise her family in Warwick. We reconnected on the very day our children started Kindergarten in 2005 and have remained social ever since that day.

You really need to be more patient next time and check your facts my friend before you arbitrarily accuse people of lying.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paul, I met you at the polling place. I stood there with you, I believe you heard me telling people who to vote for and it wasn't just for me. I never said anything bad about Jennifer and I congratulated her today. I also explained that she has a difficult job starting in January. Good luck to her. I do believe that as her friend you have every right to champion her in your letter. I am sure you are proud. There are more than 2 sides to every story, I made sure I told one side and you certainly presented one of them.

I am happy I had 4 years to give to the Warwick Schools, my kids are proud of me and that is what I care about the most. Now I will spend some time with my family.

I believe you are over reacting by threatening to sue patientman, but you have the right to do that too. If you write a story and send it to the Beacon, you are inviting a comment in return. You have the right to free speech and they have the right to comment on your letter. That is the way it works.

By the way, If I was really looking for credit, I wouldn't be looking for it on the Warwick Beacon Website.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Patrick, comments about the contents of my letter are more than fine with me. Libelling my professional livlihood in a public forum is a whole different story. Fortunately, that type of speech (libel) is not protected.

As far as you are not winning re-election, no one was more surprised and disappointed than me. You, like Jennifer, have a vested interest in improving the quality of the education which the Warwick Public Schools provides Warwick students-you have children in the system. You know how the schools really work because you have been very involved at the school level for some time like Jennifer.

You and your children should be proud of the work you did the last four years because you did a great job. No complaints from me. You deserve a great deal of credit for serving our City for the last four yeras in a capacity that most people, including myself, don't want to undertake. Thank you again for your service and enjoy your time with your family. Your presence will be missed on the school committee.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks Paul. I hope we bump into each other again sometime. It was nice to talk with you. Take care. Patrick

Friday, November 9, 2012