It's a Wonderful Christmas


Since their two oldest children were infants, Everett and Kathy Lewis have decorated their home at 12 Shenendoah Road for holidays, including Christmas. These days, the couple has five youngsters, and they love assembling the computerized display, which now has more than 25,00 lights, 96 channels, and is dubbed, “It’s a Wonderful Christmas.” It’s also set to music, with viewers getting the opportunity to control what songs are played, as they can vote online.

“The kids said, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat to find out what songs are coming up next when you’re sitting outside the house?’” Everett said. “If you go to the website, which is, it shows the song list. You can actually be in charge of what song is played next.”

They began putting up the display a few weeks before Thanksgiving, taking about two or three weeks to assemble it. They often greet their guests with candy canes, as well as take monetary donations, which they contribute to Westbay Community Action. In the last few years, they’ve donated nearly $500.

From left, back row, Everett IV, 13, an eighth grader at Winman, said “seeing the end result” and “knowing that all of our hard work is paying off,” are the best parts of the display, while Abby, 15, a sophomore at Toll Gate, said it’s fun to improve the display each year. For the three younger children, who all attend Cedar Hill, front row from left, Kevin, 10, a fifth grader, likes the sparkling starbursts, and Allie, 11, a sixth grader, enjoys “putting the teddy bears under the leaping arches.” For Allie’s twin, Michael, 11, donating the money “warms my heart.” Kathy agrees, “It’s awesome.” Of the display, she said, “My hairdresser told me that she almost drove up on the lawn trying to get a look. I thought that was hilarious.”


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Absolutely beautiful. the kids are all getting so big.... Merry Christmas

Friday, December 14, 2012