Lack of council contests disheartening


To the Editor:

It was disheartening to read about how it appears that many incumbents will be running unopposed in the upcoming election. The people in office need to be held accountable to explain why raising taxes is a better alternative than cutting expenses or promoting more business to lessen the burden on the residents. We know it’s much easier to raise taxes. Having lived in the Hoxsie neighborhood on Lake Shore Drive for 20-plus years, it seems our councilwoman is out of touch with the people she represents. Like most people, we all want newly paved roads, streetlights replaced once they burn out and more of a police presence to help reduce speeding and people arbitrarily throwing their trash everywhere.

I would consider our neighborhood unique in that we have Warwick Pond and streets of abandoned property adjacent to the airport that the Airport Corp. bought out. This is the area where the new ball fields will be relocated from Winslow Park, which many residents are opposed to. Many of us walk our dogs on these streets that are often littered with trash, furniture and yard debris, all of which the city would pick up curbside at people’s homes for free. The lone, abandoned, dilapidated house still sits there even though we were told during the last campaign that it would be removed. I guess that wasn’t a lie since it was never said when that would happen.

The pond has its own issues. People come trailering their boats or jet skis at all hours of the day or night, ignoring the posted times they are allowed there. The roads take a beating from this and the city often comes to apply cold patch, which lasts for a couple of weeks at best. Many people park along the streets or the boat ramp itself where there are no parking signs posted. The neighborhood streets are barely wide enough for two cars to pass let alone with cars and/or trucks with their trailers. The boat ramp itself is littered with bottles and cans and other trash. Many of us living in close proximity often take it upon ourselves to clean it. Let’s not even speak to the fact that there are no bathroom facilities there and some people are there for many long hours. Last year there were used diapers thrown on the ground as well as condoms and condom wrappers.

The last time our councilperson came around was when my wife and I wrote a letter to the Beacon concerning DEM destroying a male swan. Although I didn’t speak with her personally, she told several of the neighbors that she had a meeting scheduled with DEM the following week. Whether that was true or not, she scheduled this supposed meeting without determining any of the facts from the residents. Of course there was never any follow-up with us as to the results of this meeting.

I have many other points of contention that time and space will not permit. The people need to be served by people taking the time to listen to the concerns of their constituents and not a self-serving agenda. Hopefully, people will step up if for no other reason than a better place for our families.

Richard Mero



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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Look at the general assembly NON-races, starting with Warwick...Richard, it is well beyond disheartening...Just look at all the for sale signs here and around the State...Pretty sad...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014