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To the Editor:

I have lived in Warwick all of my life. I have seen the city grow from a “bedroom” community to what is now a city full of apartment complexes, office buildings and roads that cannot accommodate the traffic flow. With it, T.F. Green Airport has grown as well. What was once an embarrassment of a terminal has been transformed into a modern small user-friendly facility. Personally, I believe that the state missed the boat in the 1970s when the Navy pulled out of Quonset. The main airport for this state should have been relocated to that facility. What a location it could have been. Runways that could already handle large aircraft and enough space to build parking garages as well as hotels, restaurants and retail. We missed the boat then. Let’s not do the same thing now. We’ve already spent millions on the terminal, the Interlink and a T station. It is now time to finish the job.

Apparently the City Council sees it differently. After more than a decade of talks and bickering, there finally is a plan to expand this facility into the 21st century and improve safety as well. This project is going to happen one way or another. But at what cost to the taxpayer?

The City Council should hide their heads in shame. Instead of acting like elementary school children during council meetings, they should do what they were elected to do and govern. The time to work with RIAC, the FAA and the state is now. Work on getting more PILOT funds from the state. We all know that our tax base is shrinking with every house and business that is being bought by RIAC.

Work with them to obtain more funding in return. Work with the state on a plan to develop the Interlink and that whole Jefferson Blvd. corridor. Work with the FAA, the state and RIAC to improve the safety of the runways as well as the infrastructure surrounding the airport. Construct new roads that can handle the traffic volume of the types of businesses that we want to move to Warwick. One only has to take a ride to Foxboro and look at what Mr. Kraft has done with Patriot Place. It is a first class facility that came to be with people working together, not against each other. Enough with the bickering already! It is time to move on!

Stephen Creta


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Apples and Oranges!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Remember that the Navy did not relinquish rights to the airfield right away. Also there is only one (1) long runway at Quonset. The bay would need to be filled in to make the other one long enough and approach lights would need to be installed in the water just for starters. What's the chance of that happening? We need to put Quonset to bed.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Wednesday, December 12, 2012