Make playgrounds safe


To the Editor:

Around the city, when visiting the many parks and playgrounds, one might notice that many slides have been bashed and broken, slide ladders are worn and rusted with jagged metal, swings have rusted chains, wood climbers are splintered and weathered, horizontal bars are all bent and some of the play-scapes date back to the early ’70s.

Vandals have left their artwork and created an eyesore to the little children who just want to play. The City of Warwick does not have the funds to replace any of these items, so they put caution tape on the structure or they do a Band-Aid approach to fixing it for the time being. I can appreciate the fact that the City does not have the funds to replace these items, but at the same time I can appreciate that if you are going to have a playground where kids play, they should have a safe structure to play on.

We spend hundreds of thousands on elective and discretionary items here in the City but cannot find the money for a safe place for kids to play outside.

Leslie Derrig



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