No shame?


To the Editor:

I have devoted years of loving service, with pride and respect, to my beautiful family, dearest friends and neighbors, to our magnificent country, and especially, to the city of Warwick schools (48 years), Boys and Girl Clubs, Jaycees and the Warwick School Committee (8 years), to name a few who mean so much.

To have members of the Warwick City Council, at their last meeting, viciously attack me, the other hard-working capable committee members, our superintendent and excellent administration is beyond the pale.

We may have legitimate different opinions and difficult problems, but these matters call for compromised efforts and understandings, not excessive personal attacks. Have these elected city council members no shame?

Eugene G. Nadeau

Vice Chairman

Warwick School Committee


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There is no such thing as compromise in this city anymore. If there were, things would have never gotten to such a contentious level.

Monday, September 10, 2018