Noel, Ladouceur co-host fundraiser for Mayor Solomon


Former governor Philip Noel still has the touch when he’s given the floor to “say a few words.”

He did it again Wednesday night at Harbor Lights, where he co-hosted with Ward 5 Councilman Ed Ladouceur a fundraiser for Mayor Joseph Solomon. Observing he had been in public service 16 years between the City Council, mayor and governor, he said, “You can imagine how many chicken dinners I’ve eaten.”

When the laughs subsided, Noel talked about the Solomon family and how “they are the kind of family that have always helped others.” He also talked of the challenge of public office of “always trying to do more with less.”

Noel shifted to the national scene and the impact of tax reform on states and municipalities. Cuts in federal taxes passes the burden of funding programs to states and cities and towns that translate into higher property taxes, a clear reference to Warwick property taxes that the council and Solomon increased by the maximum permissible levy this year.

“This is tax reform for who?”

Turning to Solomon, Noel, referencing how Solomon became mayor with the resignation of Scott Avedisian, said, “He’s going to be elected the right away…he’s the right man for the right time.”

The event, by invitation, drew about 70 people. Suggested donations started at $100. The full City Council was in attendance.

Solomon called Noel a mentor, also naming former Mayor Joseph Walsh, his late father-in-law Walter Santos and Councilman Joseph Gallucci as shaping his love for public service. He spoke of his tenure on the City Council and how he and the council have built a trusting relationship

“They know me and believe in what I say,” he said.

Citing Warwick’s location between Boston and New York, he called the city a “hub” and that he looks forward to economic development.

Ladouceur, co-host of the fundraiser, noted that a Democrat hasn’t served in the corner office at City Hall for 18 years.

“That’s what we need,” he said. “He is qualified to take care of the problems he’s inherited.”


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“Problems he’s inherited”? The City Council has had a super-majority for the entire time Avedesian was mayor.

The Council, Solomon included, is the problem.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Thank you, PaulHuff, for cutting through Solomon's main campaign message: "It's not my fault."

Like you, I believe that most voters in Warwick are smart enough to see through this attempt to dodge the responsibility for the city's current state.

Just look at the last two years' budgets.

It wasn't Avedisian who passed the FY18 budget with $6.5 million in increased spending and tried to paper over it with an unrealistic 99-percent tax collection rate -- which failed, to the tune of a $4.2 million deficit.

It wasn't Avedisian who passed an FY19 budget with a built-in $3.8 million structural deficit, as Council President Merolla stated recently.

And it wasn't Avedisian who claimed he didn't know what the new teachers contract was going to cost, or that he didn't have the records relating to the damage at the City Hall annex.

What I think is the main problem with Solomon is that he's trying to smear Avedisian and he hasn't realized yet that it's a losing strategy. Avedisian left office highly popular [whatever disagreements people may have with his policies], and voters won't tolerate having his record dragged through the mud by someone who's been on the council for 18 years.

Solomon has yet to explain what he will do in his own right, and is instead trying to show that he's different from the last guy -- except those differences make him look worse, not better.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Dear CrickeeRaven,

Finally, we can agree on something.

Both Avedisian AND Solomon "look worse, not better." Both are "tax-and-spend" people. As you know, I want to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". I am the only candidate THIS CENTURY to have that platform. Tax increases EVERY YEAR haven't worked, whether you blame Avedisian OR Solomon. Why don't you come over to my side. Cranston cut taxes and gained population, enough to become the second most populated city, dropping Warwick to third. If we do the same, the result will be the same.

Say it with me Mark! "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". I know you want to.

Happy September everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"Why don't you come over to my side[?]"

Because the make-believe mayor continues to lie, as with this statement:

"Cranston cut taxes and gained population..."

This is false.

Here are the tax rates for Cranston since Allan Fung was elected mayor in 2008:

FY2010: $19.11

FY2011: $19.56

FY2012: $20.26

FY2013: $22.84

FY2014: $22.84

FY2015: $22.84

FY2016: $22.45 [due to revaluation]

FY2017: $22.45 h

FY2018: $22.94

And before the make-believe mayor tries to claim that the 2016 tax rate reduction was a "tax cut," Mayor Fung said at the time that the revaluation would result in 2.1% higher tax revenue, meaning the new tax rate was effectively an increase:

Cranston did not "cut taxes," as the make-believe mayor claims. Level tax rates are not "lowered taxes."

As long as the make-believe mayor persists in telling blatant lies, honest, taxpaying voters will not support his candidacy. In seven days, he will see the result of his attempts to mislead voters: Another overwhelming and humiliating loss.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Didn't Ed Ladouceur support Rick Corrente in 2016? Are you going to call him a political insider as well, Rick? Less than 1 week until the failed Corrente candidacy is over!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dear Scal,

No. I wouldn't call Ed a political insider. Try to stick to the things I DID say Scal. OK?

You anonymous coward of a critic.

Happy September everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, September 7, 2018

Scal, don't let the make-believe mayor's flip-flopping, name calling, and attempts to fool people bother you.

We know that is calling Joe Solomon and the entire Democratic party "political insiders" this year because they refused to endorse him.

We know that his calling them "political insiders" is hypocritical, because many of these same people -- including Ed Ladouceur -- contributed to his campaign in 2016, as reported here:

We know that his attempts to say that Ladouceur is not one of the "insiders" at this late date is just a pathetic attempt to deny his previous statements.

And we know that his campaign has already been unraveling since Avedisian left, and will result in another overwhelming and humiliating loss in five days.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Actually Rick, you have been running for 4 years and you haven't said much of anything. This of course, is the reason why you will soon lose your second election in a row. Voters of this city see through the make believe mayor and his foolish, uninformed, pandering talking points. Less than a week before this failure of a campaign is over...

Friday, September 7, 2018

Dear Scal,

I "haven't said much of anything"?????

Are you out of your mind? I've said more than EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE PUT TOGETHER THIS CENTURY!

And what makes you think my campaign will be over in a week?

I may not live forever. In fact, I'm sure you will attend my funeral, just to make sure I'm gone, but Scal, you anonymous coward of a critic, "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" will last forever. I may never know who you really are but one thing is for certain. You get your piece of the money whenever taxes go up. That's the only possible reason that you fight me so much and so often. You want tax increases for that reason. Otherwise, you'd hate them as much as I do.

Scal, I speak to HUNDREDS of taxpayers EVERY DAY. Not one of them agrees with you. Not one! They ALL want to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". The lies you tell about me get worse and worse as the primary approaches. That whopper you told about a man who asked me a question and I allegedly refused to answer was just stupid. Has there EVER been a scenario like that? I get it Scal. You're afraid I might just win so you're getting desperate; so much so that you can't even predict how many votes I'll get. Hey Scal. What's this weeks guess? To refresh your memory you already said "7,000", then "7,000 might be on the high side", then "fewer than 3,000". What are you now predicting? You anonymous coward of a critic.

I'll wait.

For everyone else, please vote on Wednesday, September 12. Thank you!

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, September 7, 2018

Thanks again, Scal, for driving the make-believe mayor to provide yet more proof of his utter unfitness for office.

What a disgrace of a candidate. And what's worse is, he denies just how blatantly he has made a fool of himself.

Don't let his bluster get to you. We and thousands of honest, taxpaying voters are about to overwhelmingly reject his candidacy again, no matter what he thinks or says.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Rick, you are correct. "Cut taxes, cut spending" will live forever as a campaign issue in the same way "immigration reform" is a campaign issue. There are always POLITICIANS (something you claim not to be) that use those exact empty talking points. Once again, you answer so fast you don't bother reading. There is no doubt Rick when it comes to quantity of words you have said more than any candidate. Those words however are empty talking points, with no substance, thought or cost estimates surrounding them. In other words Rick: you are too dumb to figure out your own campaign platform. You gutless fraud!

You call me a coward Rick??? A coward is someone who comments under high school honor roll articles desperately pandering for votes from teachers unions, all while pretending to care about students. You know a great way to support students Rick? TRY PAYING YOUR TAXES!!!! A coward ignores their history of unpaid bills, tax delinquency and litigation losses. A coward runs and hides anytime they are confronted with black and white proof of their past financial recklessness and foreclosure. A coward is someone who runs for office and then gets upset when they are asked tough questions about their own tax delinquency. A coward takes their car and hides it from the tax rolls because they're too big of a deadbeat to pay their fair share of car taxes. A coward loans their campaign $40,000 while they can't pay their own property taxes or water/sewer bills. A coward is someone who runs for public office and talks down to voters who ask them reasonable questions. Rick Corrente YOU ARE A COWARD!!! I don't ever remember you bothering to comment your admiration for honor roll students or our seniors until you declared yourself a candidate for Mayor. That is the ultimate fraud move. On Wednesday September 12th it doesn't matter how many votes you lose by Rick...the important thing is you're going to lose.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Dear Scal,

Wrong again. I've answered all your questions...repeatedly. Using my REAL name. Using REAL facts. Giving names of Warwick City Tax Assessor clerks, as well as my insurance company, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles, that can prove my facts are honest and accurate.

You're right about one thing though. I don't consider myself a "politician". I am more of an anti-politician. I want to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". I haven't seen ONE piece of Warwick legislation that is worth the money the taxpayers paid. Not one. Even my biggest critics state above that acting Mayor Solomon is part of the problem. They're right. He is. Check out HIS real estate on the Warwick Tax Assessors web site, Scal. I have! His car dealership at 1129 West Shore Rd. has a (I believe tampered with) tax assessed value that is LESS THAN HE PAID FOR IT 29 YEARS AGO! Scal, I don't think there is a taxpayer in Warwick that can say that! Not even you. By the way, Joe is selling 1129 West Shore Rd. without a Realtor for over THREE TIMES HIS ASSESSED VALUE! His assessed value is only $168,900. Zillow says it's worth about $450,000. Does that sound like a Mayor who should represent the 80,000 taxpayers who are paying the tab? Joe's tab? I don't think so. Neither does anyone else I have spoken to.

Joe doesn't live in ward 4 like he has "claimed" for years (so he can represent that ward). He actually lives at 21 Crawford in ward 5, where his tax assessed value went up a paltry $4,400 while his neighbor at 26 Crawford went up $61,100 during that same 2-year period. Did Joe rip off his second floor or is he ripping off the taxpayers Scal? You decide. He also owns 180 Shawomet which went DOWN in assessed value by $25,700, and 54 Hess which surprise, surprise ALSO went DOWN by a whopping $39,700 during that same two year period. He has others that also went DOWN in tax assessed value but I think I've proven my point.

Joe just slapped the taxpayers with the largest tax increase allowed by law. Except, of course, for Joe's own properties! As Mayor, I won't let that theft happen ever again. Hold me to it Scal, because I KNOW you WILL and I WANT you to!

As Mayor, I will ask that Vision Technologies (the cities appraisal company who is re-assessing the entire city starting in December) to send their findings (electronically) to The Warwick Beacon, NOT to the Mayor. Then, with the push of the "forward" button, The Beacon can copy them and transmit them to the City thereby creating, for the first time this century, "FAIR, UN-TAMPERED WITH APPRAISALS" for all residential and commercial properties with a system of checks and balances that won't cost the taxpayers a dime and it will stop the political insiders like Joe from getting a MASSIVE, MASSIVE discount at everyone else's expense. Don't be surprised to see Joe START to pay his fair share. Maybe you will have to pay more real estate taxes as well.

I also have been given a list of over a thousand people who owe "over a thousand dollars each" on their water bills. They will be sent a demand notice as well. When I received that list the total lost revenue to Warwick exceeded $4,000,000. (That's over 10% of Warwick's Total Tax revenue.) That was 2016. Today, it might be more. Those people HAVE to vote for Joe. They know I won't tolerate having the rest of us pay MORE so that Joe's political insiders can pay NOTHING! I matched his political contributors from the Board of Elections with that list Scal. There were A LOT of his contributors on it. I'm sure that if the readers knew who you really are, you would be one of them.

Read The Corrente Plan in this Tuesday's Warwick Beacon (9-11-18) and Scal, please come out and vote for me (or anyone else you prefer) on Wednesday, September 12. Warwick NEEDS everyone's vote so we can "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending".

Happy primary Scal, you anonymous coward of a critic.

Happy primary everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Scal, no one needs to read the make believe mayor's recycled empty slogans, or his false claims about Joe Solomon.

The make believe mayor has so willingly and repeatedly proven himself a liar and disgrace of a candidate that honest, taxpaying voters already have enough reason to overwhelmingly reject his futile candidacy.

A last-minute $700 ad in the Beacon will not change that.

His use of the Beacon website for free political advertising will not change that.

His continued whining about the use of screen names will not change that.

He is about to lose again on Wednesday, and is simply making a final desperate spectacle of himself.

Sunday, September 9, 2018