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Pizza hunting on Federal Hill


This weekend I went to the Columbus Day Festival on Federal Hill. I wanted some pizza. You know, street pizza. The kind that comes in a triangle and you fold it in half to eat it. The oil drips off the end…you know, the Italian kind.

Amazingly enough, there was not any pizza to be found. Who knew at an Italian festival there wouldn’t be any pizza? I walked up and down Atwells Avenue and couldn’t find pizza. There was sausage and peppers, meatballs, all kind of desserts and all of it Italian food, but no pizza! Crazy right?

Finally, I came across an A-frame sign in the street that directed me to a place that was selling pizza. Finally, I found what I was looking for, what I thought would be in abundance at the Columbus Day Festival. Two slices for six dollars including a soda, what a deal! But the best part is it was exactly what I was craving: fold-in-half, greasy Italian pizza! Perfect.

So if you visit Federal Hill or Cranston, I recommend Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza. So yummy and such a great price!


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