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On Feb. 26 at approximately 12:26 a.m. Officer Maxwell Neiley observed a black Mercury sedan come to a stop on Post Road near Dexterdale Dr., without any other cars around. The car stopped for five seconds, then turned onto Dexterdale, at which point Officer Neiley followed it. The car drove down the road, then came to a complete stop and turned around, proceeding back to Post Rd. without using a turn signal. Officer Neiley then pulled the car over on Post Rd.

The vehicle was being driven by Erik Hansen Jr., 29, of 77 Kristee Circle in West Warwick. Upon talking with him, the Officer smelt alcohol coming from the car and asked for Hansen’s license and registration, to which Hansen said he did not know what any of that was. Hansen gave him his wallet and said, “Yeah, I’m probably drunk and should not be driving. Just take my wallet,” according to the police report.

The Officer observed Hansen to have slurred speed and bloodshot/watery eyes. Hansen said he was driving home after having three “tall boy beers” at the Applebee’s on Quaker Lane.

Hansen agreed to sobriety tests. During the gaze test, he indicated six of six clues indicating impairment. At this time, Hansen told the Officer he was drunk, had actually had seven tall boy beers and “something else,” was drunk and shouldn’t have been driving, and wasn’t going to fight with them.

During an inventory of his car, a small bag of marijuana was found. The marijuana was weighed at 1 gram back at police headquarters.

Hansen was placed under arrest and brought back to police headquarters. He agreed to B.A.C. tests. He had a .160 B.A.C. and a .165 B.A.C. in the two tests.

Hansen was issued Summons for DUI/Drugs/Alcohol 1st Offense – B.A.C. .15/Greater with a Third District Court date of April 3. He was also issued Summons for Turn Signal Required and Laned Roadway Violations. He was also issued Summons for Possession of Marijuana, 1 oz or less.

He was then transported to Kent County Hospital.


On Feb. 26 at approximately 10:51 p.m. Officer Michael Walker responded to the report of seven guitars stolen from the Guitar Center on Bald Hill Rd.

The reporting party said there are weekly checks on the guitars, and the week before it was found that six guitars were missing, then another one was gone that week. Approximately a month ago a similar report was taken for a number of guitars were stolen.

The guitars stolen included a Gibson valued at $2,199.99, three Martins valued at $1,799.99, a Taylor valued at $1,499.99, a Taylor valued at $1,799.99, and a Martin valued at $1,499.99. The total value of guitars stolen from the store was $12,399.93.

The store would like to press charges if a suspect was located. The report was forwarded to detectives.


On Feb. 28 at approximately 10:15 a.m. Officer James Vible responded to a woman who came into police headquarters to report a stolen purse while she was shopping at TJ Maxx on Bald Hill Road the previous day.

She said she had put her purse down to pay for her merchandise and turned away, at which time, according to general manager of the store who had checked on security camera after, it was taken by a woman who left the store with it.

The purse was a Louis Vuitton valued at $1,000 and had her driver’s license and credit cards inside. She had already reported this to her credit companies and financial institutions when she came into police headquarters.

Officer Vible went to TJ Maxx, where he requested receipts from the registers at the time of the theft to see if the suspect purchased something with a card after taking the purse. He also asked for copies of the security footage. The report was forwarded to detectives.


On Mar. 9 at approximately 7:20 a.m. Officer Joseph DeDonato responded to a home on Fairfax Dr. for the report of a larceny from a vehicle overnight.

The reporting party said that when she checked her car the previous night at 10:00 p.m. and nothing was out of the ordinary. That morning at 7:10 a.m., however, she found the vehicle rummaged through and a number of items taken, including two wallets, her financial cards, and her driver’s license.  She was not sure if her vehicle had been locked.

The victim was advised to call her financial card companies, cancel her accounts, and request of list of locations where the cards were used in the past 24 hours, and get back to the Officer with that information. Later in the day, she said that the cards had not been used at all. There were no suspects at this time.

On Mar. 9 at approximately 11:00 a.m. Officer Joseph DeDonato responded to a home on Kiwanee Rd. about a larceny from a vehicle. The victim said that sometime overnight someone had entered her car and taken a number of items, including toddler boots (with its receipt), a boy’s size shirt, tights, adult diapers, $15 in cash, her car charger, her driver’s license, and credit cards.

The Officer contacted the store where the boots were bought to be on the lookout for someone returning them. There was no further information at the time.


On Feb. 28 at approximately 1:30 p.m. Officer James Vible responded to the report of a damaged refrigerating unit at Captains Catch Sea Food on Centerville Rd.

The reporting party showed the Officer security camera footage from 4:28 a.m. that day showing a white van backing into the large refrigerating unit outside the building. An elderly male then exited the van used a flashlight to check the oil containers nearby and then left.

The cost to fix the damage was estimated to be around $5,000. The license plate was unreadable and there were no suspects at the time. The case was forwarded to detectives.


On Feb. 28 at approximately 12:32 p.m. Officer Aaron Steere was at his traffic post on East Ave. he observed a white Mitsubishi pass by him with an expired 2017 inspection sticker out of Massachusetts on the front windshield. It also had a loud exhaust.

The Officer stopped the car on East Ave. and identified the driver as Maurice Sol, 27, of 41 Snell St. in Brockton, Mass. Sol was found to have a suspended Massachusetts license and a cancelled registration as of Feb. 19, 2018.

While speaking with Sol and her passenger, the Officer smelt a strong odor of marijuana. He requested a second unit and Officers Paine and Vargas came to help. As Sol exited the vehicle, Officer Steere observed him to put a baggie into his back pocket, containing what the Officer believed to be marijuana.

Checks on Sol revealed that he had a criminal history out of Massachusetts, including crimes of violence against civilians and police officers. The Officer conducted a patdown of Sol and recovered the bag of marijuana from his rear pants pocket.

Sol’s vehicle was called to be towed based on the Officer’s finding. An inventory search revealed no more contraband in it.

Sol was issued Summons for Driving on Suspended License 2nd Offense, Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Cancelled Registration, and a Muffler Violation.

Sol was also issued a Summons for Possession of Marijuana, one ounce or less.


On Feb. 27 at approximately 2:01 p.m. Officer Thomas Paine responded to the Kohl’s on Bald Hill Rd. for the report of a shoplifting in progress. Dispatch advised that the suspect had fled the Kohl’s towards the CCRI campus, where Sergeant Palumbo and Officer Michel had stopped the suspect, identified as Augustine Andrews, 60, of 460 Charles St. in Providence.

The Loss Prevention associate said that he observed Andrews take three Nike polo shirts and take them into a fitting room. He then exited the store with two of the shirts, valued totally at $80, without paying. The Loss Prevention officer stopped him outside, but Andrews ran towards the main entrance of CCRI.

Andrews told the Officers that he had stolen nothing and did not have any merchandise on him. The Officers then watched the video surveillance and determined that Andrews had shoplifted.

Andrews was transported to police headquarters, where he was charged with one count of Shoplifting and one count of Habitual Offender Shoplifting. He was then released.


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