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Officer Russell Brown reported he and other officers were dispatched to the BP gas station at 1307 Post Rd. around 1 a.m. on Aug. 20. He said there were several people there, one of whom said he and his friend ran out of gas and left his vehicle there earlier in the day and when they came back, they saw that the truck had been moved and when they tried to start it, they found the transmission was not working and he became angry and trashed a car that was parked near it. Brown said the windshield was smashed; a taillight was smashed, along with a headlight and the side view mirror. The owner of the car came and told police the car was intact when she left it and all the damage was new. Joseph Oakes, 21, of 43 Blue Gentian Rd. in Cranston was charged with malicious injury to property and released with a summons.


Officer Stephen Major reported he was dispatched to the Warwick Mall around 6:15 p.m. on Aug. 24. He said Mall security was there in numbers and said there was a man there they wanted removed and barred from returning because of his disruptive and tumultuous behavior and threats he had made to shoot the security people in the past, to “take them out, shooting them from a block away” and claiming that he had a shotgun. Major said he made contact with the man and told him to stop the aggressive language. Major said he was escorting another person out of the Mall when the man continued to berate the security people and threaten to shoot them with his 9mm automatic and his AK-47. He said Steven T. Tumblin-Dymek, 23, 5’ tall and 110 pounds, was remanded to the ACI because he was on probation for felony possession of narcotics.


Peter S. Pelosi, 23, of 118 Webster Ave. in Providence was charged with stealing pet products worth $57.01 from the Target store in the Warwick Mall on Aug. 19. He was held for the next session of District Court as a bail and probation violator.

Nelia M. Rapa, 45, of 69 Polar Dr. in Cranston was charged with stealing $42.69 worth of jewelry from the Kohl’s store in the Rhode Island Mall on Aug. 26. She was later released with a summons.

A Woonsocket man was charged with stealing two T-shirts from the Wal-Mart sore on Bald Hill Road on Aug. 26. Loss prevention said he selected the shirts and concealed them under his sweatshirt and walked out of the store without paying for them. They said he was confronted outside and threatened loss prevention but then he threw the shirts away and was last seen at the bus stop. Officer James Wenneman arrested Raymond Terrell Chattman, 23, of 323 North Main St., and charged him with shoplifting. He was later released with a summons as a first offender.


Officer Manuel Pacheco reported he went to 999 Warwick Ave. for a break-in to a building there. The owner of the house said she turned the hose on to water the lawn and found it did not work. She said they later went inside to see why the water wasn’t working and found that the entire network of copper pipe had been stripped from the building. They told Pacheco they checked all of the rooms and found the water heater was gone as well. Pacheco said a look around the building determined where the thieves got in by prying open the back door. There were no suspects or witnesses. There was no estimate of what the copper pipe cost but the heater was pegged at least at $500 to replace.


A woman who lives on Congress Street told police she woke up to find the rear window of her 1997 RAV4 smashed. She told police she learned it was broken when her daughter came home around 4 p.m. on Aug. 21 and told her about it. She said the window was intact the day before, when she parked it but she had no exact time when it was broken. She said she did remember a loud noise she heard but paid no attention the night before. Nothing was missing from the vehicle. No suspects or witnesses.

A Pequot Avenue man told police the mailbox that was knocked over and smashed the night of Aug. 21 would cost $40 to replace but he had no idea who would have smashed it. He said his girlfriend reported a loud noise around 9:30 the night before but didn’t see anything when she went outside.


Officer Kevin McGuire reported two larcenies from parked cars on Green River Avenue on Aug.20. He said both car owners found their vehicles had been rummaged through when they returned to them that morning, but only a GPS unit worth $100 and a pair of $50 sunglasses were missing. McGuire said he checked with some of the neighbors and quickly concluded that the thief or thieves limited themselves to cars that were left unlocked because none of the locked cars had been entered.

A Warwick mother complained that she left a DVD player in her minivan when she took her son inside the Dunkin’ Donuts at Hoxsie Four Corners around 7 a.m. on Aug.22. When they came out later, they noticed the DVD player and the DVD inside (“Kung Fu Panda”) were missing. No witnesses or suspects.

A wallet went missing at Dave’s Marketplace on Aug. 22. The owner, who works at the store, said he parked his car around 7 a.m. and when he came back around 3 p.m., he found the window broken and his wallet gone. He said there was only $6 in the wallet but a Mastercard, his driver’s license and Social Security card were in the billfold. He said there has been no activity on the credit card as of yet but said he would press charges against whoever is responsible. No suspects.


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STOP LEAVING VALUABLES IN YOUR CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Some of these people even leave their doors unlocked while leaving valuables in the cars. Same ole same ole every week on here just different names.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013