Rename the Demmocrats


To the Editor:
Make no mistake about it, America, the Democrats should be given a well-earned name: “Demoncrats!”
After all, all this party does is obstruct, resist, lie, riot, destroy, protest, scandalize, smear, scare and demonize those who don’t agree with their policies, agenda and ideology. How wrong and just plain evil. Their platform is an empty bag of resistance with no real solutions whatsoever.
Wake up, America. Is this the vile party you want in control of our nation? If so, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are in deep trouble! God help us!

Richard D. Walsh
East Greenwich


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I distinctly remember Republicans in the Tea Party did pretty much the same thing while being backed by the billionaire brothers.For every accusation you throw at Democrats, the same can be found in the actions of Republicans. In fact, many have stated that the Democrats took plays right out of the Obama era Republican play book and just don't like having it thrown back at them. Politics in America is dirty but one side isn't cleaner than the other. To call an entire party demons is a gross generalization of millions of Americans. Blanket statements rarely remove the layers and reveal the finer details. I may not agree with everything you do but I don't characterize you as a demon for believing what you do. Why not meet me first before you decide I am a demon? cathayes2222@gmail.com .

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party both have good guidelines that benefit everyone. Those good intentions are lost however, when they are interpreted by those that want-for-themselves instead of for-the-voters that gave them the job. Today the significance of a Party has lessened greatly (i.e. the removal of the master lever). Today the two sides are "The Taxpayers vs. The Political Insiders." The Political Insiders use their authority to put taxpayer money in their pockets rather than for the benefit of the taxpayers. They receive Political Action Committee (PAC) donations, each one of which has strings attached. There has NEVER been a contribution from a PAC that said "And when that bill comes up that benefits us, you don't have to vote in favor of us. Vote in favor of the taxpayers. It's OK. We don't want to sway your vote."

Yeah right!

PAC money should be illegal but it's not. I haven't accepted a PAC check in this primary OR the 2016 election and I won't. I campaigned for 700 days in a row to "Cut Taxes - Cut Soending", spent over $40,000 of my own money and received over 14,000 votes. Mayor Avedisian accepted hundreds of checks in 2016 and candidate Joe Solomon has as well. The many political kick-back jobs that repaid those donations are costing the taxpayers a fortune. If I get elected Mayor of Warwick, I will owe no one a job and those that are close to me know not to expect one. There is only one way for taxpayers to combat this growing problem. VOTE! The Democratic Primary is September 12th. VOTE! If every registered voter voted, we would have a City that actually represents The Taxpayers. If only the political insiders vote, the City will only represent the political insiders. They have caused annual tax increases and Warwick is now over a billion dollars in debt. Please don't let that happen.

Taxpayers, it's us against them. VOTE on September 12th. Vote for me. Vote for someone else, but VOTE. Thanks for reading this.

Happy August everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The make-believe mayor lost the endorsement of the Democratic Party this year, and as such does not represent it in any meaningful way. He is also hypocritical with his statement "Those good intentions are lost however, when they are interpreted by those that want-for-themselves instead of for-the-voters that gave them the job."

He has never shown any ability, with his use of this website for free political advertising, to do anything but promote his futile candidacy. He has argued against public information that proves his tax delinquencies and questionable campaign finance activities, raised $0 in contributions, and failed to restrain himself from consistently being proven a liar.

"Mayor Avedisian accepted hundreds of checks in 2016 and candidate Joe Solomon has as well."

This is a lie. Campaign finance reports show that Avedisian accepted 28 PAC contributions from Jan. 1, 2016 to election day.

Solomon has received 17 PAC contributions -- not hundreds -- since Jan. 1, 2018. Here is the publicly available information that the make-believe mayor ignores: https://bit.ly/2MCwVfd

As shown in his previous comment, he has also invented a conspiracy theory against the honest, taxpaying voters who will reject his candidacy on Sept. 12 because of the many defects he has willingly and repeatedly shown them as a candidate -- not because they are somehow affiliated with "political insiders," including the same people who contributed to his failed campaign in 2016.

Only two weeks remain until the make-believe mayor sees the result of his continued attempts to fool voters: Another humiliating defeat at the polls.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

It is my opinion that the Democrat party is no longer the party of John Kennedy in the same way that the Republican party is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan. Both are catering to micro-sections of their party and have been pulled further away from normal Americans.

A normal American wants:

A Government that is wise when spending tax dollars

A Government that follows its own laws and enforces them equally regardless of lobbying by special interests

A Government that protects their constitutional rights from those that wish to strip the away

A tax code that is fair to ALL tax payers not just one extreme or the other (progressive tax theory is just plain wrong on every account)

Secure Boarders with a clear path to citizenship for people wanting to become US Citizens - and a simplified process for dealing with those trying to cut the lines

A Government that does NOT wish to micro manage the lives of its citizens.

A Government that protects its citizens from foreign threats (on all fronts not just militarily)

Both parties are not even close (in practice) to any of this...

That said - The current shift in the Democrat party is more toward Soviet Communism than I am comfortable with...

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


It's is significant that you mention those two great presidents.

John Kennedy wrote the "Income Tax Reduction Act in 1061" (or so) and it is largely credited for the economic boom of the 60's.

Ronald Reagan brought interest rates down from 17% to the single digits and when he had a tax surplus he sent checks to every taxpayer. Those two people are my great hero's growing up and I learned politics101 from them.

Thanks for reminding me.

Happy August VoWarwick2017.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, August 30, 2018