Solomon, Ferla don't show for mayoral debate


Neither Mayor Joseph Solomon nor Vincent Ferla appeared on the Democratic Mayoral Forum planned by the Warwick Beacon and hosted by PEG TV last Thursday at their studio in Providence.

In scheduling the forum, the Beacon contacted the office of Mayor Solomon and was told he would be available at 1:30 p.m. for the hour-long forum. The paper then contacted the three other candidates for their availability at the same time, as well as locking in the time for the studio that had to rally the appropriate production crew.

The forum was announced more than a week in advance to it being videotaped. Then a week before the forum, the paper was informed that the date had not been cleared by the Solomon campaign; there was a scheduling conflict. The campaign suggested a Sept. 6 forum, which would not have allowed for it to be programmed for a full schedule across a spectrum of channels even if the studio was capable of altering its production schedule.

Solomon was asked if he could rearrange his schedule to make the forum. In response to the reporter’s question, he said he has a busy schedule and that he leaves that up to his City Hall office and the campaign.

After talking with the studio, the paper offered the campaign to shift the forum by an hour but keep it on Thursday afternoon. Campaign manager Jackie Baginski said there was no available time on Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the paper was in contact with Ken Murphy of Ferla’s campaign. Murphy could not commit to Ferla’s attendance because of a medical condition. On Wednesday he contacted the paper, saying Ferla would not be present because he was undergoing a “medical procedure” on Thursday.


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Acting Mayor Joe Solomon gave his word to attend that debate and then he flip-flopped...again. That is a lack of integrity. The Mayor of Warwick MUST give his/her word and keep it above all. For the record, I will debate him anywhere, anytime. Please set the date. I will be there and I bet Mr. Carbone will as well. Solomon is afraid to debate me. He has the support of the political insiders but NOT the taxpayers. He just slapped the taxpayers with the largest tax increase allowed by law, while the taxes on his own property keep going DOWN! His car dealership at 1129 West Shore Rd. has an assessed value that is LESS than he paid for it 29 YEARS AGO!!!!! He is paying a fraction of the real estate taxes that he should be paying. He "claims" he lives at 180 Shawomet in order to represent Ward 4, but he lied. He really lives at 21 Crawford which went up in tax assessed value only $4,400 in the last 2 years while every one of his neighbors homes on Crawford went up an average of over $38,000!!!!! (The lowest is $21,700 and the highest is $61,100.) Again, Joe is paying far less than he should be. And that house at 180 Shawomet? It went DOWN in tax assessed value by $25,700 while the neighbors went UP by similar amounts. Joe also has a home at 54 Hess that went DOWN in tax assessed value by $39,700, so if you want your taxes to go UP while Joe Solomon has HIS taxes taxes go DOWN, VOTE FOR SOLOMON. He wants everyone in Warwick to pay MORE so he can pay LESS. Look up YOUR taxes on the Warwick Tax Assessors Database and know that, as Mayor, I won't tolerate this theft. I will have the appraisal company (Vision Technologies) that evaluates the entire City (commercial and residential) send their findings-of-value to The Warwick Beacon. THEN, the beacon can push "forward" and transfer those findings to the City. THEN, we will have a perfect system of checks-and-balances that saves the taxpayers thousands of dollars, makes EVERYONE pay their fair share, and DOESN'T COST THE TAXPAYERS A DIME!!! And the added tax revenue will make it possible to "Cut Taxes" on the rest of us.

Happy Autumn everyone

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


I have publicly called to debate you any time, anywhere. You refuse. Why? Because you will get pummeled. You should feel relieved that Solomon is ignoring you like a fly at a picnic. You are that insignificant to his campaign. Why should he waste his time debating someone with zero knowledge of city issues? Duh......

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

You know, Thecaptain, for someone who didn't pay the taxes on his former residence for four years and made false claims about tax assessments in the past, the make-believe mayor sure thinks he has the right to talk about who's paying their share of the taxes in Warwick.

We know it's not him.

"The Mayor of Warwick MUST give his/her word and keep it above all."

He lied about how his tax assessment changed in 2016. He lied about the changes in the business sector. He lied about how his failed 2016 campaign affected the council's FY18 budget vote.

His claims about Solomon's tax assessments should be given the same credibility as anything else he's ever said: Zero.

"Look up YOUR taxes on the Warwick Tax Assessors Database..."

A look at his history on that same website shows that he didn't pay taxes on his prior residence since 2015.

His pathetic attempt to distract and fool voters will fail, and I look forward to joining you and thousands of honest, taxpaying voters in rejecting his candidacy yet again in eight days.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Rob Cote,

Debating you does not benefit the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab because you are not a candidate for ANY office. You have never had what it takes to run for office because you have never cared about the well being of any of Warwick citizens other than you. You just criticize me and a long list of others in order to make yourself feel important. You're not. Your actions are just flattering your own ego. But before you type "you will get pummeled" think again. Physical threats are not something I take lightly. Neither will the Warwick Police. Choose your words carefully.

Happy September everyone.

Richard Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, September 7, 2018

Don't worry about the make-believe mayor's insults and empty threats, Thecaptain. He has only succeeded in saying things about others that are actually true about him -- like this:

"Your actions are just flattering your own ego."

How else could one explain why the make-believe mayor has continued to use this website for free political advertising and raising $0 in contributions for his current futile campaign, while other candidates raise thousands of dollars, hold campaign events, and actually organize get-out-the-vote efforts to support their campaigns?

Because of this and all of the other defects as a candidate that he has willingly proven through his behavior on this website, you and I and thousands of honest, taxpaying voters will overwhelmingly reject his candidacy again next Tuesday.

Friday, September 7, 2018

I wonder if there is any connection between his statement of "I speak to HUNDREDS of taxpayers EVERY DAY" and the lack of contributions to his campaign? Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Friday, September 7, 2018