Suspended dentist suspended again after seeing patient


A Warwick dentist who signed a voluntary agreement to give up his practice in October had his license pulled last Wednesday.

Dr. Frederick S. Lury signed the consent order on Oct. 26 that arose after inspectors found some irregularities in the way he was managing his practice. The inspectors complained that Lury, who was in the process of selling his practice and retiring from dentistry, had some misbranded narcotics and an expired solution when they conducted their inspection on Sept. 20.

According to the voluntary agreement, Lury was to stop practicing dentistry after Nov. 2 and to surrender his certificate to prescribe controlled substances at the same time. The agreement was explicit in saying that signing the agreement was neither an admission nor a denial of the inspectors’ finding on Sept. 20. He also agreed to continue to provide care and medications for patients already in his care and to provide those patients with all necessary records or transfer the records immediately on request or when needed, presumably as the patients find another dentist.

But Lury’s case was in front of the examiners again after they heard from a patient that he treated her for a filling on Nov. 1 and saw her again, after she complained of jaw pain, on Nov. 10, in his office at 1090 Toll Gate Rd. Examiners said the patient told them he took an x-ray of her tooth on that occasion, wrote a referral for her and scheduled another appointment for Nov. 26. Examiners said the woman also told them a dental hygienist and other patients were in the office on Nov. 10. Examiners said they verified that he saw at least one other patient after the Nov. 2 deadline and determined that his continuing practice of dentistry constituted an immediate danger to the public.

Another part of the voluntary agreement was that Lury would not seek to establish another practice outside of the jurisdiction of Rhode Island. The voluntary agreement also made it clear that Health Department inspectors found him in civil non-compliance of state codes and no evidence or charges of illegally providing drugs were provided in the consent agreement. Lury has 10 days to ask for an administrative hearing on the summary suspension.

Before his suspension and retirement, Lury had been practicing dentistry in Rhode Island since 1997, according to the documents, and is a 1977 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.


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This is alarming. You can never really tell if you are working with a fake or a suspended professional unless you do a background check. I personally have no time for that and what I normally do is call 888-747-0038. Because they have a list of accredited and licensed dentists guaranteed to provide professional service.

Thursday, December 6, 2012