Tax bills will be in the mail shortly


So, unlike last year at this time, you haven’t received your Warwick tax bill.

No, the bills haven’t slipped through the cracks. They should be in the mail early next month, City Tax Assessor Neal Dupuis said Tuesday.

It’s not that the bills are delayed, but this year it appears the state will have a budget by the start of the fiscal year on July 1 and it will include the next step in the plan to phase out the motor vehicle tax. In expectation of the phaseout, the city can proceed with preparation of about 100,000 motor vehicle tax bills that will go in the mail with about 38,000 real estate bills.

With the uncertain future of the motor vehicle tax phaseout last year, the city moved ahead with the real estate bills. Motor vehicle taxes were sent following passage of the state budget in August.

Dupuis said his office would send assessment information to D-3, an East Providence company that will print and mail the bills.

The first quarterly payment is due July 15, however, as Dupuis pointed no penalty interest would be applied until Sept. 16. Those looking to pay taxes in full have until Sept. 15 to make payment.

While the quarterly payment schedule hasn’t changed, taxpayers accustomed to paying their bills in person should know not to go to City Hall in Apponaug. A burst frozen pipe in early January forced evacuation of the City Hall Annex and the relocation of those offices to the former Greene School on Draper Avenue. As the closure came on the heels of the January 15 tax payment deadline, the tax collector’s office was hastily assembled in the downstairs conference room in City Hall. It has since also been relocated to Draper Avenue.

City Tax Collector Kyla Jones said her office is ready for a wave of taxpayers looking to hand over their checks or cash and get a receipt. But she reminded taxpayers could make it easier on themselves if they return payment in the envelopes provided.

“The best bet is to mail it to Boston,” she said, referencing the address of the company that processes payments.

The city also offers an online payment option with a 2.5 percent (of the payment) or minimum $3.95 “convenience fee.” While that is a cost that is easily avoided, Jones said a surprising number of taxpayers use the online payment.

“Some do it for the points,” she said.

While real estate tax bills will be later than last year, they also call for an increase in rates as part of the $316.3 million budget package passed by the City Council and signed by Mayor Joseph Solomon. The rates are: $20.80 per $1,000 of valuation for residential properties; $31.19 for commercial and industrial properties and $41.59 for tangible property The motor vehicle rate remains at $34.60, but because of the continuing phaseout of the tax, taxpayers should see a drop in their bill. Dupuis explained the tax would be based on 90 percent of the NADA book valuation. Last year, it was at 95 percent of the NADA value. In addition, he said, the exemption will climb from $1,500 to $2,000 per vehicle.

Also relating to city taxes, although it won’t be applicable until next year’s bills, will be a citywide statistical revaluation. The revaluation that looks at recent sales to establish neighborhood values is slated to start this year and be completed, including hearings over contested values, by April. The revaluation will establish values as of Dec. 31, 2018.

Dupuis said the cost of the revaluation that he projected would be about $350,000 and would be reimbursed by the state.

The state is also making whole what the city is losing in motor vehicle tax revenues as a result of the phaseout program.


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master mayer how coulds you. youse said youse was going to cuts taxes now we is getting bills.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I read this three times. What is the cause of the delay? The article states that the auto tax phaseout is a known deal, and the property and other rates decided. Why haven't the bills gone out then?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dear Justanidiot,

You're right. It's partially my fault. I campaigned for over 700 days in a row, spent over $40,000 of my own money to rally the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab AND IT WORKED! Warwick CUT TAXES! The taxpayers spoke LOUDLY to their City Council to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" and their council people followed their demand! For the first time in 18 years, Mayor Avedisian was turned down for every one of his 29 new, tax-increasing amendments! That was a great accomplishment. Credit goes to me, but it also goes to the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab! But that was 2017. (That was then. This is now.) The rally of 2016 and 2017 has calmed down. Temporarily.

This is 2018 and the same President of the City Council, Joe Solomon, that voted FOR 18 years of tax increases just passed THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE ALLOWED BY LAW!!! Joe Solomon is our new "Tax-And-Spend" acting Mayor. He is also running for Mayor in the Democratic Primary against me. Stay tuned old friend. The campaign declaration period opens Monday June 25th. If the political insiders are the only ones to vote in the primary, we all will probably loose. If, however, EVERY Warwick Democrat votes I should CRUSH Mr. Solomon. We taxpayers outnumber the political insiders by at least eight to one! Joe is the voice of the political insiders who want more and more taxes; more and more spending. I am the voice of the taxpayer. I believe Warwick should "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". I strongly believe that the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab feel the same. If no one else enters the race, it will be clearly, "us" against "them"!

I don't know of any other candidates but you never know who might decide to run, maybe you! Assuming it is a two-person race please help me get out the "taxpayers vote". I will be forever grateful.

Happy Summer old friend.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, June 22, 2018

Corrente is nuts if he thinks any of that. HE NEVER SHOWS at meetings and has ALMOST ZERO support. Most of the ACTUAL leaders here in Warwick barely know who he is, and those who do consider him to be a nuisance who makes up all kinds of stuff like the above.

Friday, June 22, 2018

hey corrente where is the total list of items you would cut that add up to significant reductions for warwick? didn't think so.

here's what you CAN do. start paying your own warwick taxes on time and in full already, and stop wasting everyone's time with your nonsense, please.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dear WwkVoter,

You are entitled to your toxic opinion, even though you give it hiding behind a fake name. But saying I don't attend the meetings is a vicious lie. I was at the City Council meeting Monday 6-8-18, and there were only 5 people in the audience. I was one of them and I attend almost ALL City Council meetings. I attend almost ALL of the School Committee meetings as well, including the most recent one on 6-12-18. As far as support, I earned 13,278 votes last time around. You didn't even run. And since no one knows who you are, we don't even know if you voted! Did You?

ALL of the ACTUAL leaders in Warwick know me. Every one. The "political insiders" (like you) as well as the others, and many of them agree with me.

Hey WwkVoter,

Can you name one piece of legislation in Warwick that is worth the money it costs the taxpayer? I didn't think so. I can't either.

All my taxes are paid current. My car has never been "unregistered". Not for three years. Not for three minutes. I have never been bankrupt. I have never been foreclosed. (My credit score is over 700.) If I ever was I wouldn't be able to hold the mortgage banking licenses and bonds that I have. Those are lies promoted by henchmen of the "political insiders". You know who I'm talking about. People like you WwkVoter. And when are you going to come clean and show everyone who you really are?

Or are you too much of a coward?

Fake news. Fake sources. Fake people. Fake names.

Please re-read my first comment. It is 100% accurate.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, June 22, 2018

That meant show at the microphone. You don't corrente. As to your tax problems, Rob has posted that information (from official sources) numerous times. As to whether I am a political insider, or have run, (or even am in) office, you'll just have to wonder.


Friday, June 22, 2018

GREAT youtube video about this corrente character:

Friday, June 22, 2018

The following was taken from this websites comment section on June 6th 2017 after the budget held the line on taxes. Keep in mind...just 1 short year ago...

"The critics said it couldn't be done AND YOU DID IT!

As a citizen and a taxpayer I say "thank you".

Thank you Rick, Joe, Steve, Jeremy, Tim, Steve, Donna, Joe and Ed. I have called myself "the taxpayers mayor" because I feel I am a servant of the Warwick taxpayers. Now, I have a new phrase the City Council is now the "Taxpayers City Council"

Congratulations to 9 of the hardest working Council people Warwick has ever had."- Rick Corrente

1 year ago Rick Corrente loved Joe Solomon and the City Council. He heaped praise on them with every comment he made. So what changed? Joe Solomon declared his candidacy for Mayor. Leaving deadbeat Rick Corrente with another FAILED campaign. This is why Rick has suddenly gone from calling the Council the hardest working Warwick has ever had, to now suggesting they're lazy insiders. The only lazy person in this campaign is Rick Corrente. This is why he can't tell you what specific spending he would cut? Its why he can't tell you how much his plans will cost, or how he'll pay for him.

My name being anonymous doesn't make you any less of a lying, tax delinquent Rick. Those are facts that are in print for anyone to look at. Just like its a fact your taxes were paid by Clay Shackelton in 2014 and 2015 for a total of around $13,000. Rick Corrente can't dispute the facts so he attacks my anonymity. He's already making excuses for why he'll lose the Democratic Primary. He knows his campaign is on life support as he's been exposed as a fraud. He will continue to attack me instead of being honest with voters. Primary season cannot eliminate this failure soon enough.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hello again, WwkVoter and Scal1024:

Thank you for showing the make-believe mayor that the only person who believes his fictional account of the 2017 budget process is himself.

We know that his losing campaign didn't result in "cut taxes" in FY18. The city council approved a budget with higher tax collections and $6.5 million more in spending.

We know that the statement "Mayor Avedisian was turned down for every one of his 29 new, tax-increasing amendments" is false, because those amendments were proposed by the city council [not Mayor Avedisian].

We know that there are not "80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab."

We also know that his party's city council members [from whom he is now trying to distance himself by calling them "political insiders" where last year, as Scal correctly notes, he was praising their decisions on the budget] left a $4.2 million deficit in the FY18 budget that must now be fixed in the FY19 budget.

"All my taxes are paid current."

We know that since 2014, the property taxes on the make-believe mayor have been paid by other people.

I fully expect that our work to expose the make-believe mayor as the fraud that he is -- proven by his own willing and repeated behavior -- will lead to another overwhelming defeat of his candidacy later this year.

Monday, June 25, 2018