The abomination of abortion


To the Editor:
Make no mistake about it, America: abortion as it stands is a human rights issue, since the unborn baby in the womb is a “real-live person” with their own body, DNA, heartbeat and blood type.
Abortion doesn’t just murder the unborn infant; it harms the woman as well. It’s a human fact that abortion can lead to an increased risk for breast cancer, pre-mature birth after the abortion, and deep guilt and depression. It’s also well known that depression can lead to suicide and drug and alcohol problems.
We need to stop something that is not just unjust to the unborn child, but will also severely harm women.
It’s estimated that abortions cost $300 million a year, suggesting that money is the driving force to keep abortion legal. Since 1973, over 60 million innocent, unborn babies have been aborted, amounting to over 17 percent of the current population.
Wake up, America. Abortion is wiping out generations of children for the selfish sake of convenience.
St. Mother of Teresa of Calcutta once said, “Abortion is like having too many flowers.” She went on to say, “If abortion isn’t wrong, nothing on Earth is wrong.”
Abortion is brutal, barbaric, ugly, sickening and, most of all, deadly. It’s an “abomination,” and it desperately needs to stop.
God help us!

Richard D. Walsh
East Greenwich


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The debate is not about abortion but about legal abortion. It existed before Roe V. Wade and will always exist if you have money. If you don't have money, well then you should do an abortion at home with a coat hanger or better yet, don't have kids.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

First, the link to breast cancer is based on an erroneous premise. The observed correlation was for some women, carrying a pregnancy to term will reduce their risk of breast cancer due to all the hormonal change that come with being pregnant. The comparison was between women who carried to term and those that had an abortion. The conclusion they reached was more women that had an abortion had higher rate of breast cancer. However, when compared to women who were never pregnant, then the correlation disappears. There is no LINK between abortion and breast cancer.

Second, depression can be found in both those that carried to term (hello - postpartum depression!) and those that had an abortion. There is no science behind the statement that women who have abortions have higher risk for depression.

Third, Risk of premature birth. The risk is no higher in those women who have had an abortion prior to giving birth and those that have not had an abortion. The true rate of serious problems from safe and medically performed abortions is around 0.7%. And yet, the leading cause of death for women under the age of 25 is still giving birth to a child.

Drinking, drugs and suicide happen on a daily basis. There isn't a link between higher rates from those women who had an abortion.

Each side can make numbers work in their favor. If you don't believe in abortion you are 100% entitled to your belief. But there is another side to the negatives that you have stated.. There are hundreds of medical journals that debate viability outside the womb and when a fetus becomes a child. My opinion is equally as valid as the next persons but I chose not to argue the merits of either side because on issues like this, sides simply don't change.

If Roe V Wade is overturned, people need to really be ready for what will happen in its wake. It is all well and good that one side cheers because they feel like they are saving thousands of unborn lives but what about those lives lost seeking an illegal or at home abortion? Do those lives not matter at all? As Justanidiot stated, abortion has been happening before Roe V Wade and it will continue to happen if it is no longer legal. Then what? The same politician that cheered if it gets brought down will the the one paying $$$ to make sure his little Betty or Sue gets to see someone who will "take care of it". You can't put the cat back into the bag just with an overturned ruling.

Abortions won't just stop. A whole new set of problems will come out and more laws and rulings will need to be made to fix those problems. Just telling someone not to have sex, don't have kids and too bad simply won't stop it from happening over and over and over. Ya'll need a plan!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018