The fault of voters


To the Editor:

I listened well as Hillary Clinton, our departing U.S. Secretary of State, gave her testimony to the U.S. Senate about the Benghazi attack that killed our Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others on Sept. 11, 2012. I and dozens of others I have spoken to have concluded that half of the time allotted to the senators for questioning was totally wasted by them all; they took half their time giving her well wishes on her health and complementing her on the one million miles she logged while doing her job and the 100 countries she visited during her term. Another quarter of the time was wasted because each side, meaning (first) the Democrats, talked about the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq under Bush and that under Reagan the USS Cole was bombarded, so what is the big deal or difference if Obama had a bad troubled spot called Benghazi during his administration. The other side of the coin (second), the Republicans, wasted another quarter of the time saying Obama tried to cover up the bombing of our embassy because America was in the midst of the election and he was doing everything possible to avoid being blamed. That whole crew went on and on about cover-ups.

Sadly, I must say, even though Americans died in that incident, the entire bunch of Democrat hypocrites tried to shift the blame from Obama and Hillary Clinton to the U.S. House of Representatives (which we all know is made up of more Republicans than Democrats, thusly you can see why they tried to switch blame) for holding up funding and not giving enough money to upgrade safe houses and our embassies. However, that money they are talking about was in the flood, money appropriations for the storm called Sandy, which came months later and had nothing to do with the terrorist attack that happened on Sept. 11. Shame on both parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, for being so dishonest and disingenuous. The only one who I believe showed some honesty and said what had to be said and asked what had to be asked was Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a politician that leans toward being a Libertarian-styled Republican.

Meanwhile, those four poor souls all died in vain because Obama refuses to accept that when he ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden it was not the end-all he told us it would be. It did not bring the Al Qaeda terrorist to a streaking halt like he said it would. In fact, it emboldened them to grow both in numbers and in new countries. Contrary to what Obama wants us to believe, they still exist and are expanding around the world with new cells growing every day, especially in northern Africa.

Meanwhile the dead men’s families, the American public never got any new truthful answers from the entire group of imbeciles called U.S. Senate that took part in the hearings, and I should note the U.S. House investigation hearing was also nothing more than a very sad commentary that could be transformed into a joke worthy of a Saturday Night Live skit. The lead role in that skit should be going to Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline, a natural born comedian/actor if there ever was one. He truly played a magnificent role, both with his appearance being tanned and also dressed meticulously in a hand tailored, form-fitting suit. However, that moment quickly turned and he blew it when he opened his mouth and out flowed the ridiculous, outrageous partisan statements and comments he has become well known for. The questions he asked were about as pertinent as bells, horns and whistles on a child’s tricycle. The rhetoric and bias ideology he used matched what he used in his campaign for the House, when he stated that when he left as the mayor in the City of Providence he left that city in great financial shape. Today, we know the truth: he lied, he cheated, he connived, he used people and he sold his moral soul to get elected.

So, in conclusion, if you are as downright disgusted as I am with this whole entire Washington, D.C. group, then I say it is time to blame the ones that caused this to happen. Who are they, you ask? First, look in a mirror; secondly, look at your immediate family; thirdly, look at the friends you surround yourself with; fourthly, look around at your neighbors; fifthly, look at the people you work with. This grouping of people mentioned in the five categories is all part of the winning 52 percent that voted to put these idiots into office. Yup, the entire crew of inept, corrupt, dysfunctional, immoral, elitist, unconscionable morons that got elected were all chosen by some, or I should say by the majority, of the people in the five categories mentioned above. A statistical social scientist with a psychiatry degree would say that makes the voters, who elected those officials, less competent than those elected, and definitely dumber than the ones they elected.

Why or how can that be said? Because they are the ones that pulled the lever in the voting booth to elect this ungodly crew. America is doomed unless voters start to first change their own voting habits and then help with possibly trying to change the minds of the others through the education of issues or what candidates’ philosophies or stance positions are. You can do that by educating yourself first to the facts. Know the ethics of all the candidates, know their position on issues, learn where their campaign funds are coming from, see what groups or what other individuals are supporting them and why, and remember there is always the possibility that they are being supported for reasons of self-interest pertaining to that group or individual. Trust no one; vote only for someone or something that your own subconscious says is the right thing to do because you have considered all the facts. Finally, you must totally disregard a candidate’s party affiliation and vote for the person or the issue because of the knowledge you absorbed or gained about them or the subject matter at hand. When you know and do all that, then you can help family, friends, neighbors and working companions get their head screwed on straight and maybe America can become great and godly once again for our future generations to come.

Roberto A. Di Padua Sr.


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First of all,it was a Consulate,not an Embassy. The first question asked should have been,"Why do we have a Consulate in a City,in a country that,at best is unstable,and at worst is ripe for attacks against us. Second,why wasn't David Petraeus brought before the Committeee and asked how his biographer and lover,was sending emails saying the reason it was attacked was because we were "holding terrorists there". She was probably correct,but where,other than through Petraeus,could she get such an idea. But Petraeus is "one of the boys",and was allowed to gracefully resign,no questions asked.

Friday, February 1, 2013

One correction....the USS Cole was bombed under the Clinton Administration, not Reagan.

Friday, February 1, 2013