Uncle Tony's coming to Johnston


Uncle Tony’s is coming to Johnston.
The establishment is scheduled to open at the former J&D’s Family Restaurant on Putnam Pike (Route 44) in late spring or early summer, according to the company’s website.
It will join existing Uncle Tony's locations on Oaklawn Avenue in Cranston and Newport Avenue in East Providence, and will be the largest of the three, with seating for approximately 200 guests and parking for nearly 100 vehicles.
The Johnston restaurant will begin accepting job applications in early May, according to the website, with those interested advised to watch for a “help wanted” sign at the location.
Additional updates will be provided through the Uncle Tony’s website and the Cranston location’s Facebook page.


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Having lived in Cranston for many years...Uncle Tonys was a weekly visit for us and the pizza was second to none. In 2010 we moved to N Providence so Twins became the next best thing, but was still quite a ride as we moved to the Johnston side of N Providence towards Centerdale. When we seen the sign at the old JD's that Uncle Tony's was coming we got very excited and couldn't wait for the opening. Anyway...Thursday evening while on my way to Home Depot I noticed a full parking lot of cars....WOW we said they must be open. Immediately we called them once we got home and ordered out old time favorite large rectangular pizza. They said it would be 50 minutes. Getting late as it was we figured that's ok....its well worth it.....boy what a mistake that was. Fourty minutes later I pulled up , parked in a very crowded lot, walked into the take out area and what a dysfunctional mess it was. 7 people standing against the walls, 6 young 14-16 year old girls behind the counter and no one with any clue as to what was going on. I slowly asked people are you all set, as I made my way up to the register. I clearly could see a pizza with my name written on it so I knew it had to be mine. As I stood at the register while 6 young girls ignored me, one finally looked at me and said "you're going to have to wait a minute",,,,,not Hold on please, or ill be with you in a minute sir, or anything that one would say with some courtersy, but instead......you're going to have to wait a minute. Im thinking to myself do I walk out now or do I bite my tongue and hold on ?? Hold on is what I did. Finally a few minutes go by and another young girl starts walking down the line of pizzas, looks at the names and starts calling out names but no one was there for them. Mine....clearly done for at least 5-7 minutes by this time, and remember im also 10 minutes earlier than what they told me, is at the very end of the counter where all these take out orders are just sitting and waiting. Finally she looks at mine and calls out Mark, and I raise my hand. She looks at me, picks up 2 small pizza's , one with MARK written on it and the other with northing written on it and say's to me we ran out of large pizzas sometime ago, someone did tell you that when you called in, right ??? My face and jaw totally DROPPED. Im like excuse me ....NO...no one mentioned that because if they did I would have ordered my pizza elsewhere. Needless to say they have lost me for ever !!! At this point I wont ever show my face at the Cranston location either. Over 30 years of doing business with them, and zingo.....1 bad visit that couldn't possibly get any worse and its over. Hopefully they will see what type of little kids they hired, get rid of them, or better yet TRAIN them that being in the public eye is not the same as hanging out with your friends, and maybe then and only then this new location will survive. Good luck !!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014